Funny Cat Videos for Kids Charm Viewers Worldwide

Funny cat videos for kids get shared and viewed by millions daily. Few seem to be able to resist watching these videos. Cute pictures and cute videos proliferate on the web of all things cute. What tops your list of all things cute? Babies and animal babies are universal in appeal and surely top most people's list of what is most adorable. Haven't we all posted at least half a dozen cute photos or videos of our amusing pets or gorgeous babies in our families to our own Facebook pages?

Cute videos are likewise hard to miss on many major websites. When cute videos go viral many of these viral videos make front-page website or homepage news. The Yahoo homepage often features video clips of adorable or funny cats, puppies and kids doing cute things. Worldwide cute babies, kittens, puppies and other baby animals appeal to all ages, are captured on video and shared with friends, family members and countless strangers across cultures and around the world.

Babies and baby animals are naturally cute. They just look cute. Even when they do not do anything remarkable or especially cute, they are still cute. Cute animals, in particular though, rule the web, especially when they do cute and funny things.

Who Rules the Web? Cats Do!

According to Google, per a recent Reuters article, 87 percent of YouTube videos streamed either contain a cute cat or Lana Del Rey.[2103]

Homemade amateur video clips of beloved pets proliferate on the web and not just on YouTube. Whole websites and blogs are devoted to adorable animals and pets. It is likely that you are familiar with Cute, I Can Has Cheeseburger, The Daily Cat or The Daily Puppy.

You have likely heard of internet sensation Maru the Cat. Have you, too, bookmarked his Facebook page or followed his Twitter feed?

People love to create and share videos of their pets and their cute pet moments. If you enjoy viewing cute videos or making clips of your beloved pets yourself, then you are hardly alone.

Other Eye-Opening Facts About Online Video

Consider some other staggering facts provided by Google[2103]:

  1. 60 hours of video is now uploaded to YouTube every minute, compared with the 48 hours of video uploaded per minute in May 2011.

  2. 3 billion YouTube videos run ads each week.

  3. Advertising before videos generates $5 billion in revenue.

These numbers are huge and are only expected to increase. Just this month, at the 2012 CES show, YouTube's vice president and head of global content predicts that online video will soon be 90% of online traffic.[2104]

I have made only one video clip of my pets. I do, however, enjoy taking a break from time to time to view the plentiful and adorable videos of animals amusing themselves with a toy or a box.

Here are a few kid-friendly videos for children. Share one of these cute and funny videos for kids with your children. A friend recently told me he does this with his children at night before bedtime. Instead of reading bedtime books to his young children every night, he plays cute animal videos for them a few times a week on his iPad instead. This is one of their bedtime rituals.  What a great way to get kids off to sleep happily and with smiles on their faces, too!

My Favorite Video of All

Inter-species interaction between odd pairs of animals are my personal favorites along with the sweet and often hilarious videos of cats and kittens. I challenge anyone not to love these beautiful and sweet scenes between a cat and a dolphin.

Cat Kisses Dolphin

Maru Loves Especially Small Boxes

Maru is well know for his love of boxes. He is a Scottish fold cat who lives in Japan with his owner. Maru continues to charm millions around the world and his YouTube channel is the 7th largest subscribed channel in Japan.[2122] As of June 2011, videos with Maru have been viewed over 100 million times.[2122]

There are many, many excellent videos of Maru that capture his many charms. Maru in Japanese means round. 'Round' Maru is adorable. Laugh with him as he slides across floors and dives into box after box. There are a number of terrific Maru videos on YouTube.

Cricket the Kitten Featured on

Cricket is a baby persian kitten that melts hearts and brings smiles to the readers of Cute Cricket is top of mind on Cute Overload's list of the cutest kittens.  With over 1.6 million total page views per month, Cute Overload specializes in bring web viewers the finest in cute imagery as stated on their About Us blurb for their website.

Isn't Cricket one of the sweetest kittens you have ever seen?

Kitten Surprise: How to Break Up a Cat Fight (The Original)

This video truly tickled my funny bone as I did not expect the ending to this video. These kittens playing together and their littermate appearing the the conclusion of this kitten video made me laugh out loud.

This kitten vid clip may or not be the best example of a funny cat video for kids, so parents view this one first, before sharing it with your children.

Do You Post and Share Videos of Your Adorable or Funny Pets?

My First Effort at a Video

Here is a short video clip and my first effort to make my own video of my two beloved pets playing together. Marley is my blind dog and Mason is a six year old kitty. This video clip is nearly five years old. Marley and Mason still play together but less so as they are now older.

Today's digital cameras make it so easy to catch moments like these. What are your favorite adorable animal videos? Have you any favorite and funny cat videos for kids that you share with your children, nieces, nephews or grandkids?

Blind Dog Marley Playing with her Buddy Mason

Discovering just how many online videos are really truly viewed, along with realizing just how cat videos have so completely dominated YouTube and the web, was a true eye opener. It was also pleasing to know that there is so much sweet and amusing online content to be found on the web.

Not only that, it is even nicer to realize this content can be shared with kids and with kids of all ages. Why not make your own funny cat videos for kids and all animal lovers alike? How many page views will add up for your video clip? Do you have especially cute, hilarious or amusing pets? Post your video online for laughs and smiles. Perhaps, your clip will join the ranks of the most popular, cute or funny cat video for kids.

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