The Game of Love

Games are not just for kids, many adults enjoy playing games and likewise many couples set aside a time just to have a game night. Some couples play old standards such as monopoly, scrabble, or several card games, while others play more adult, risqué type games. Some games can be played with other couples while others are strictly for two. If you’re in the mood to play a game with your significant other, you can find a great one on this list. Some of them can be found at toy stores while others can be purchased online. Get a game today and start planning your game night with the one you love.

5 Games for Couples

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Truth, Dare or Chocolate

A fun twist on truth or dare that adds a new element, chocolate! Couples earn points for telling the truth, completing cares and "tattooing" each other with chocolate body frosting. The person that earns 20 points first wins the game and gets to give the other person the “Ultimate Dare.” If you are daring and if you also love chocolate, this may be the perfect game for you and your partner.

The Newlywed Game - Deluxe Edition

The Newlywed Game - Deluxe Edition
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Remember the television game show The Newlywed Game? Couples answered questions about one another hoping their answers would match and they would win the grand prize. The deluxe edition is a game that you can play at home with other couples. The game features a question booklet with more than 600 questions and a DVD for an interactive experience with the show's original host Bob Eubanks and some of the couples who appeared on the TV game show.

Couple Links

Players move around a game board while drawing cards, asking questions and hoping their partner answers the questions correctly. When a couple’s answers match, the players can move ahead. But if they don't match they can end up in the "doghouse" and they must perform a "true love connection" task to move-on. The players move through three stages, “Honeymoon, Reality, and Golden.” The game includes 565 playing cards with over 300 questions, covering 5 categories.


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The classic game from the 1960s is fun for couples. Each player spins the dial of a plastic spinner on a board divided into four sections (right and left hand, right and left foot), and four colors (red, yellow, blue and green). Players, using a large mat, must touch or step-on the section of the mat that matches what the spinner landed on. Players are out of the game if they fall or cannot get to the section of the mat required. The game continues until there is only one person left on the mat.


This board game strives to help teach relationship skills to teenagers or adults. Players engage in role playing with realistic scenarios. Using a dice, people move around a board and make several choices regarding money, education, work, romance, and more. The winner of the game is based on the number of good relationship decisions made.

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