When you are planning your gift giving list this year, you might be surprised to find how many bikers you have to shop for. Stores like Motorcycle Super Store and BikeBandit.com are two great places to find some unique and useful gifts for the motorcyclists in your life. Take a look below for some great ideas:

1. Customized Helmets

Customized helmets make a great gift and can also ensure that your loved ones are wearing a helmet and being safe on the road. You can find a variety of ways to customize a motorcycle helmet from customized artwork to mohawk hair. A great idea is to take some of the rider's favorite artwork, or work they have done themselves, and have it airbrushed onto the helmet. Customized helmets are a great way to express the style of the rider, either through adding a tattoo to the helmet or by simply airbrushing a favorite sports team or a name of a loved one.

2. Leather Apparel

Bikers can never have enough leather apparel; it is a must for the open road. Leather not only protects against cold weather, riding it can be a life saver in an accident. There are many leather items that you can find for the biker on your list--a pair of leather gloves, leather pants, chaps or even a leather jacket. Any leather item you purchase will be an appreciated gift, and you can be sure that the rider will be wearing it the next time you see them on the bike.

3. Sunglasses

Bikers always wear shades; they protect against the sunlight as well as keep the wind and bugs out of their eyes. Find a nice looking pair of shades that are made for motorcycling, which have the peripheral vision areas protected as well, and make the biker on your list happy this year.

4. Blow Dryer

Water spots are the enemy to any bike lover and a portable blow dryer that will dry off water spots before they stain the bike makes a great gift for any bike enthusiast. Most of these can be purchased at an affordable price and use the cigarette lighter as the energy source to run. They can be stored in the saddle bags to take on the road and will please any biker who strives to keep his chrome shining.

5. Tool Kit

We have all seen bikers on the side of the road, and the sad part is most of the time it is a simple fix that puts them at the mercy of others. With a good set of tools, the majority of minor problems that arise while on the road can be fixed within minutes, and the biker can be back on his way enjoying the wind in his face.