When Valentine’s Day, which is otherwise known as the day of hearts and lovers, is fast approaching, you know that you better rush on your Valentine's shopping so you can send the perfect gift to your special guy. Online stores like the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and GiftBaskets.com are good places to start. Apart from the selections from these gift shops, you can also consider the following items as gift ideas. Here are five ideas for male Valentine's Day gifts:

1. Valentine’s Gift Basket

Get a Valentine’s gift basket is that is filled with all sorts of sweets, savory snacks, chocolates, nuts and sparkling wine for that romantic dinner that you are about to have. You can order a pre-made Valentine’s gift basket online or make your own. Whatever option you decide to go for, your loved one will surely be touched by this thoughtful gesture.

2. DVDs

If your guy is a movie buff and likes to spend weeknights sprawled on the couch, drinking a beer or two, while watching his favorite action movie, he’ll love films like "Mission Impossible," "Gladiator," "National Treasure," "Lord of the Rings," "The Dark Knight," "Saving Private Ryan," "Bad Boys," "Pirates of the Caribbean," "Yip Man," "Braveheart," "The Matrix," "Indiana Jones," "Die Hard," "Transformers" and so many more. You can also throw in a chick flick into the collection. Just make sure it’s something that he could bear to watch. Romantic comedies like "Click," "50 First Dates" and "There’s Something About Mary" are some of the chick flicks that guys also enjoy watching.

3. Universal Remote

Apart from being a movie buff, guys are also gadget freaks. They have televisions, stereos, DVD players and so much more. With so many remote controls, they can easily be baffled at which one to use. They can also go crazy when they can’t find the one they need for that particular gadget that they want to use. Buying him a universal remote control for all his gadgets may seem weird for you, but it will make him love you even more.

4. Fine Watch

Most men don’t like flashy jewelry, but almost all of them cannot do without a fine watch. You can bequeath your guy with a classic watch that he can wear all the time. You must consider his lifestyle and personality when looking for this gift item. If you’re loved one is an athlete, you have to invest on a heavy-duty sports watch. If he’s a corporate executive, a dressy leather or gold watch would fit him just perfectly.

5. Power Tools

If they’re not watching TV or toying with their gadgets, men love to engage in DIY projects that show off their handy skills. Surprise him on this day of hearts with a gift of power tools that will help him create that wooden cabinet he’s always wanted (or fix those house repairs that he constantly complains about).