Windshield Sun Shades Help You Stay Cool In The Summer

Sun Shades for Windshields
During hot summer days the thought of even getting in your car can be unbearable. If you parked in the sun, the interior of your vehicle can reach up to 130 degrees. Many times it can seem like your car only begins to cool down once you have reached your destination. Sun shades for windshields can be a great way to reduce the temperature of your vehicle and help keep you cool during your drive. Here are some of the best sun visors on the market.
Named "Heatshield," Protrim sells this sun shade that is custom designed to fit the shape of each car model's windshield. The Heatshield is a windshield reflector made of a special metallic polyester film, laminated to a thin layer of closed-cell foam, with a clear polyester film back.   

Heatshields are held in place by the sun visors, but they are flexible enough to bend around the mirror. Heatshields are advertised as being able to reduce the temperature at the dashboard by 40 degrees F.

In addition, Heatshield sun visors can be stored by rolling up and attaching with a velcro strap.
This windshield sun shade by Auto Expressions has a patented two-panel design that blocks the sun's UV rays. While they are not custom shaped, they can be placed vertically or horizontally to fit many different model's of vehicles.
You get two shades with this set, each measuring 25 x 28 inches, meaning you place them side-by-side in your windshield. While they are small, they store easily and are inexpensive.
This sun shade for your windshield is also made by Auto Expressions. A major difference is that this one is bigger than the Altus Platinum. The Basix Magic Shade measures 31 x 38 inches. Again, there are two to a set, so you place them next to each other on the windshield. They are manufactured in two colors: Mylar and Dull Gray.
This Winplus windshield sun shade can also be ordered with two side shades. The jumbo fit is great for large trucks and SUVs. This shade can be set up in seconds and is easy to fold and store. For help in knowing if the jumbo fit is for you, the Winplus website offers a sizing chart for each of its products.
If you are looking for a fun way to place a sun shade in your windshield, this zebra striped windshield sun shade by Unique Automotive Accessories can do the trick. It is one panel that measures 28 x 67 inches and can be folded away with a velcro strip.
The zebra print gives the sun shade a fun look in contrast to the gray and metallic color of other visors.  Still, this shade protects for the sun's UV rays and reduces the temperature in the vehicle.
No matter what you decide, using a sun shade for your windshield will help lower the temperature inside your car.  All of the sun shade options listed here are inexpensive and will make your next drive much easier.