We all know it can be frustrating to not be able to narrow down our search and waste time. Here a few simple tips that could save you some time when performing a search on Google. 

1. Using "" around a word or group of word ensures an exact match has to be found. This works best with searches on multiple words that may produce lots of hits individually. Also, if you are looking up some items not returning a lot of hits, this will definitely narrow down your search. Trying to track down someone with a name that is a noun or place will prove difficult without this trick. 

2. Using - before a word such as "-search" will exclude a word from a search. The real benefit is it will refine your search and remove hits not about what you are after. This works best when looking for something that is not popular and you want to remove the irrelevant hits.

3. If you search on a particular site use "site:website" in your search such as "site:infobarrel.com". This is especially useful on forums that do not have a search feature or if you want to receive an answer from a trusted forum. This information is hard to track down otherwise. 

4. Ensure the MyLocation toolbar is up to date. This will make sure any search on a local business location will return the most relevant information. Those that travel may find the automated IP tracking google provides does not always work as intended. 

5. Use the custom date range to have the most to date information. I find this helpful when search on blogs, forums and product reviews. What may have been relevant two years ago may not be today. Nothing will be more frustrating than starting to think you have started the path towards a good decision only to find out the posts you have read are three years old. 

That's it and I hope you find these helpful!!! Please continue checking for more articles and helpful hints. If you they help you any way or if you have better way please post it in the comments.