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As technology and communication becomes and more and more important in our everyday lives, it's becoming harder and harder to fit these needs in the high-constraints of a cell phone contract and still keep it affordable.  Many families are beginning to look at prepaid cell phones as a way to cut costs and manage their family's ever-growing technology costs. 

There are many advantages to choosing a pre-paid cell phone company for your family, including:

No Contracts

Pre-paid cell companies do not require a contract like the big companies do.  This allows you to make changes to your plan and services ad hic or end the plan whenever you want to without incurring fees, charges, or fines.  This allows you complete control over your telecommunication budget for your family.

No Credit Check

Pre-paid cell phone companies began years ago as a way for Is a Pre-paid cell phone right for me?Credit: with bad credit to have the convenience of a cell phone.  Since it was pre-paid, no credit checks were required at all.  This convenience came with a price – fees and costs were usually more expensive.

Even though now the costs have dropped, making these plans affordable to everyone, credit checks are still not required.  This means that high school teens, people with bad credit, and those just starting out can have a cell phone without having to pay hundreds of dollars in deposits.


You are able to customize your cell service easier on a pre-paid cell phone carrier. 

If your family members are not big cell phone users or you just need something for emergencies, you can get pay-as-you-go phone which you load with money/minutes which are deducted as you use them.  When you run out of minutes, you can't make a phone call or text anyone. 

If you make a lot of phone calls or your cell phone is your one and only phone, then an all-inclusive plan would work out better for you.  These usually include unlimited calls, text, and internet for a set monthly fee.  The use of smart phone will require

Most pre-paid cell companies allow you to mix and match plans, changing them as your telecommunication needs change, which is convenient for super-busy families.

Save Money

When you compare apples to apples, you'll find many times that the pre-paid company's plans come out to be cheaper than the regular cell phone companies.  It all depends on what services you really need and which company can fulfill that need the cheapest.

Should I get a pre-paid cell phone?Credit: For Kids/Teens

Teens are well known for losing phones, racking up high texting bills, and calling everyone without any regard to minute caps.  Pre-paid cell phones with an all-inclusive package allows the kids to have what they want (just about everything) without killing mom and dad's wallet.  Best of all, if they lose the phone, there's no way for some stranger to rack up a high cell bill – it's all included!

Since prepaid cell phones do not require a contract or a checking account, some parents use a pre-paid cell phone as their teen's first foray into bill paying, tracking expenses, and budgeting.  They buy the phone and it's the teens' responsibility to refill the phone with minutes or pay the monthly fee to keep the phone active.  Best of all, if the kid forgets to pay it, it doesn't ding the parent's credit report – a win-win learning situation!