Can Dates Be Romantic, But Also Cheap?

     Yes! A date can be romantic as well as cheap. Although everyone has their own definition of what cheap actually means. Some think that having a meal at a fast food restaurant like Burger King is cheap. While still others think that spending less than three hundred dollars for a single person meal is cheap. It's all in the eye of the beholder, or rather the wallet! Yet dates, or at least not every date has to cost you an arm and a leg.

     Being cheap is one thing, being tacky cheap is another. Being cheap on a dinner date, or any date for that matter doesn't mean going out to a tacky restaurant. Even fast food restaurants like Burger King are better than restaurants that are run down. There's a way to do cheap, but romantic dates. Although not everyone is going to appreciate it, despite how romantic it is. That's of course a cue that the person you're with is more interested in your wallet than you or romance. Fair warning!

Won't My Significant Other Think I'm Cheap?

   Two Men Holding HandsCredit: Wikimedia Commons  Chances are, your significant other would like to live frugally as well. As long as the date is romantic and not too tacky, it'll go over fine. That doesn't mean you shouldn't once in a blue moon actually pay for a date somewhere a bit pricier than usual. Not every date though has to be costly and burn a hole into your wallet.

     It's the thought that counts and when it comes to romance, particularly romantic dates the same holds true. Unless of course you're dating a gold-digger. Which probably isn't the case unless you're as rich as Bill Gates or J.K. Rowlings after their successes.

     As long as your romantic date is well thought out, its not going to matter whether the hamburger was $2.89 a pound or $20.00. A hamburger is still a hamburger and a date is still a date. Either could go wrong and its the people that count. The atmosphere also counts, but if one plans ahead of time, even that can be planned on a shoestring budget.

Five Very Romantic Dating Ideas On A Budget

1. Dinner And A Movie

Candlight DinnerCredit: Wikimedia Commons     At the top of the list of romantic dating ideas on a budget is enjoying a movie at home and having a romantic dinner before or after. Although one could also enjoy dinner while watching a movie. The only problem with eating while watching the television is that it'll condition the brain to think its hungry every time you watch television.

     Turning into a couch potato is not romantic. Still, enjoying a movie together with a meal might seem average and really cheap. However don't skimp on the candles, center piece like flowers, or the mood music. In fact, it might be a good idea to offer your date a dance. As for the movie, make sure its one you'll both enjoy, or at least has a romantic subplot if its about sports at all, or vice versa.

2. Romantic Picnic

Picnic for TwoCredit: Wikimedia Commons     Another enjoyable romantic, but cheap date is having a two person picnic. The food you'd normally make for lunch or dinner wouldn't cost you anymore than it would have as you were going to eat it anyway. The trick is finding a nice spot at a park or beach to enjoy the view and the company you keep. Having a bottle of wine, as long as its age appropriate will heighten the romantic feel to the on a budget date. Even if one is too young to be drinking, no one ever said you couldn't use wine glasses for fruit punch.

3. Flying A Kite

Flying a Kite on a DateCredit: Wikimedia Commons     A third romantic, but cheap date idea is to go fly a kite together. You could have built the kite yourself, or bought it. Some kites are cheaper than others, but if you know how to take care of it, it can be reused. Running together and trying to get a kite to fly makes people smile and its not just something for kids. It's great to be a kid at heart, at least every now and then. Sometimes its the simplest things in life that can turn out to be the most memorable and romantic. Therefore go find yourself a kite and take your date to a park, hill or lake when the weather permits and watch the kite take flight. The kite is reaching for the sky, uplifted by the wind and you are the kite being uplifted by your date, or the other way around.

4. A Walk For Two (And Maybe Fido Too)

Couple taking a romantic walkCredit: Wikimedia Commons     Yet another romantic, shoestring budget date would be to take a walk. It need not be on a beach beneath the moonlight, though that's very romantic too! It could be a walk anywhere, but don't forget to bring along the dog and an ice cream cones. However instead of just eating each of your own cones, why not play the 'steal a taste' game. You could steal a lick off of the ice cream cone, or off your dates lips. Just don't get too enthusiastic unless you're on private owned land and you're not trespassers. Getting caught for potential public decency isn't at all romantic... unless that's your thing. Plus if you have Fido along, you don't want to get too engrossed and risk the chance of him running off and getting lost.

5. A Romantic Bike Ride Just For Two

Romantic Bike RideCredit: Wikimedia Commons     One more great romantic, but cheap date idea is taking a bike ride together. It's always great to share a passion and not just for each other! Having a few things in common, be it hobbies or otherwise as well as a few differences makes for a wonderful relationship. It's best not to be carbon copies of each other, but its also best not to be total opposites on everything. Meeting somewhere in the middle will make for a wonderful lasting relationship as long as you didn't rush into it.

     A great passion to share is bicycling. Not only can it be romantic as you bike to places with lovely views, but its great exercise too. Plus you need not buy flowers when you can take your date to a field of flowers on a bike trail at a place like the Tanglewood Nature Center and other places like it.