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If you have a dinner party coming up soon and you want a few ideas to entertain your guests with, then I have five easy games that you can play with any number of guests from two to one hundred. When you are hosting you can often find yourself stuck in the kitchen going back and forth cooking and bringing out dishes. Playing dinner party games is a great way to help keep your guests happy and entertained whilst you concentrate on hosting a fantastic party.

These games are all fun ice-breakers and games one through to four are suitable for guests who may have never met before. Game five is certainly a game for people who know each other somewhat already in order for the game to work and be effective. I hope that you like these games suggestions and remember that they do not only have to be played at dinner parties, you could even use them just for fun with family and friends.

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1. Post-It Note ‘Celebrity Who am I?’

This one is a classic dinner party game whereby you write the name of a well known celebrity on a post-it note and stick it to someone’s forehead. Therefore they cannot see the celebrity name but all the other guests can. The person who has the post-it note stuck to them can ask everyone questions to try and work out which celebrity they are. However, the game is made harder because the people responding to the questions can only answer with ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

You can play as many rounds of this game as you like and lots of guests can simultaneously play this game and get involved. It is great over dessert or simply to get an evening off to a great start.

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2. ‘Mr Freeze’

For this particular parlor game, the host should tell one guest that they are 'Mr or Mrs Freeze'[4]. That person should then not inform any of the other guests that they have been chosen. However, all the guests should be told that the ‘Freeze’ game will be happening at some point during the party.

Later on during the evening, the host should then tap 'Mr or Mrs Freeze' gently on the shoulder and they have to physically freeze five second after the host has walked away. This is the case even if they are mid-sentence. The aim of the game is then for everyone else to realize that this has happened and to freeze too. The loser is the last person to notice and to freeze.

In this way the game can continue with one person dropping out at the end of each round until you are left with the winner. However, for each round the host has to quietly elect a new and different 'Mr or Mrs Freeze' to continue the game. The same person should never consecutively be in the freeze role.

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3. The ‘Tell A Story’ Game

I like playing this game on journeys with family members. But whether you are on the move and trying to think of creative ways to pass the time, or simply at a dinner party, this game is really fun. Someone has to start saying a sentence and the aim of the game is that the next person continues it and so on until all the guests have spoken. This will then create a mini story.

The trick is that each of the guests following the initial person have to repeat what was said before them as well as come up with their own sentence. For example one may start by saying ‘I was walking down the street when...’ and the next guest has to repeat this and then add on their own part to the story.

This game is really fun because the story you all create can go in lots of different directions. It is also partly a memory game because players have to really concentrate on what was said before them.

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4. ‘Plates’

‘Plates’ is an excellent game for all manner of guests from old friends right through to if you are introducing new people to one another at your party. To play, the host simply puts a phrase, word or sentence under each guest’s dinner plate. Each person has to keep their word or phrase to themselves and the aim of the game is to then try and use that word in conversation. It is the host’s job to then decide who was best at using their phrase throughout the evening without the other guests detecting that it was their buzz word or phrase from under their plate.

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This game makes people concentrate on each other’s conversations and engage more with one another. The host could either use post-it notes again under the plates or simply strips of paper. The great thing about having the words under the plate is that the guest can take another look in case they forget their phrase or word throughout the evening.

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5. ‘Two Lies, One Truth’

Lastly ‘two lies, one truth’ is a very simply game but it works best with guests who already know each other. Each person playing comes up with three sentences to tell all the other guests about themselves. However, only one of the three sentences can be true. The other two sentences have to be pretend or made up in some way. The aim of the game is then for everyone else to guess which one of the three sentences or short stories is true.

Therefore, guests playing this game need to be familiar with the person leading this game. You can take it in turns around a small or large group to play this game. It requires thought from everyone involved and can be a great way for friends to discover and learn new things about each other.

I hope that these five games suggestions can give you some inspiration or ideas for when you are next hosting a dinner party. You never know it could be fun to try out a dinner party game with others especially if you never have before.