If you are looking for a great family friendly city to visit, you will not be disappointed at the incredible amount of activities that Sacramento, California has to offer.  Over the years, Sacramento has poured time and resources into providing quality museums and other family events.  Here are 7 great family outings in Sacramento

Fairytale Town & Sacramento Zoo

These two are right next to the other, so take the day and hit both of these attractions.  Fgiraffe(125216)Credit: morguefile.comairytale Town is a large play area with over 20 play structures to play on – all with fairy tale themes.  The Old Lady’s Shoe and the petting zoo are great fun.  The Sacramento Zoo has numerous exhibits, including a Reptile House.  The kids will love the flamingo pond, the giraffe pen and the snow leopards.  Being a smaller zoo, all of the exhibits bring the animals (safely) closer to you.  Both attractions require a small admission, but are worth every penny.  3901 Land Park Dr in Sacramento

Old Sacramento

locomotiveCredit: morguefile.comLocated in downtown Sacramento, this incredibly preserved area serves both as a walk-around museum and a shopper’s paradise.  There are many shops that are aimed at families – candy shops, ice cream parlors and more.  Old Sacramento is located along the Sacramento River, with the famous Delta Queen steamboat docked alongside.  One of the highlights of “Old Town” is the Sacramento Railroad Museum; a small admission fee will give you access to see over 20 restored locomotives and a fun kids area.  As a family dinner recommendation, check out Joe’s Crab Shack or The Firehouse.  


Discovery Museum Science and Space Center

My kids’ school makes this great hands-on museum an annual field trip, and they have a great time every time they go.  A small admission fee will give you access to all of the attractions, including an amazing planetarium and acres of nature trails with picnic areas.   3615 Auburn Blvd in Sacramento

If you're here in the Fall, check out the Nimbus Fish Hatchery

From November through January, thousands of colorful salmon run up the American River to salmon(125217)Credit: morguefile.comthe base of the Nimbus Dam.  When they arrive, they climb the 20-step ladder up into the hatchery.  It is a lot of fun to watch the salmon “climb” their way to complete their life journey, and very educational as well.  Another great activity is letting the kids feed the fish in the nursery tanks.  The best thing is – it’s free!  2001 Nimbus Rd, Gold River in Rancho Cordova.

If you come in the summer, the days can get very hot; in the winter, be prepared for cold and wet weather.  Sacramento is a great place to live and a fun place for families to visit.  If you ever have the chance to pass through, check out one of these 5 great family outings in Sacramento.