Professional and hard working women in our lives need to be appreciated, supported, and know that they have people in their lives that care. How can we express this care and appreciation? An appropriate and well thought out gift is always a great way to show this. What gifts can we buy for a professional woman? This can be a daunting task when we often know so little about a hard working and professional person.

Below are 5 great gift ideas that are sure to make an impact.

  • Bath and Body Basket - Many hard working and professional women enjoy relaxing in a hot bath with nice smelling soaps and body washes after a long hard day. Visiting your local bath and body store can provide you with just the right gift. Often these stores will have predesigned gift baskets that include an arrangement of lotions, soaps, bubble bath, and scented creams. These have the added bonus of being already professionally presented in one elegant package.
  • Send Flowers - Send the gift of a bouquet of flowers to the home or office of the woman you are gifting. This is a simple, but effective, gesture that shows that you care and are thinking about them. Most modern florists have a delivery service. Often they are networked with other florists both nationwide and worldwide ensuring delivery to any part of the world your professional woman may be.
  • A Day at a Day Spa - Give the gift of pampering to the professional lady in your life with a certificate to a facial, massage, manicure, and pedicure at a local day spa. This is a great way for them to wind down from all the tensions and stresses of professional life and decompress a bit. They can relax and walk away feeling rejuvenated. Using this gift also has the added benefit of forcing the woman to slow down and relax in order to utilize it.
  • Simple Handbag - Give the gift of organization, accessory, and style with an elegant and tasteful handbag. Not only are these efficient and usable in day to day life, they can also add flair and accent to an outfit. Unless you know the woman intimately, try to avoid gaudy and wild colors and designs. Stick to neutral colors and simple, but elegant design features.
  • High Quality Chocolate - Many women enjoy chocolate as a personal treat. What better way to give this sweet treat than to give a high quality rich gift of chocolate from a high end chocolate company? These are usually smaller operations, but look in your area, or the nearest large city, and you are sure to find an outlet for high end candy and chocolates. Often, you can find a quality gift box or basket that offers a variety and assortment of different chocolates that can meet the tastes of even the most demanding chocolate lover.

Be thoughtful in your gift giving. When giving a gift to a professional and hard working woman in your life, be extra thoughtful. Women often do not miss the fine details of a heartfelt gift. The professional women in your life are sure to be no different in this area. Let them know you care and let them see the thought you have put into your gift.

When packaging your gift, try and do so with equally professional and elegant wrapping paper or boxes. If your gift is already pre-wrapped maybe a nice note with a personal message would be a nice addition.

Take some time and be thorough. The professional lady in your life will surely appreciate it.