Are you looking for ideas for Halloween yard decorations? Then read on! Halloween is almost upon us once again, and now is a great time to start planning your Halloween festivities, if you haven't already. Many people like to decorate their house and yard for Halloween, and fortunately, since Halloween is such a major event these days, there's a huge choice of decorations and accessories to choose from. Here are some ideas to get you started.

1. Pumpkins

What would Halloween be without pumpkins? Many people create beautifully decorated pumpkins as centrepieces for their tables, but remember that pumpkins work very well outdoors too. Carved pumpkin lanterns in particular can look stunning when lit up after dark - try creating several and arranging them in clusters, or on stakes in the lawn. And if all that carving feels like too much work, there are other great ways to decorate pumpkins too, such as painting them, or adding embellishments such as sequins, beads etc.

2. Lighting

Effective lighting can really transform your yard at Halloween. There are many different Halloween lighting options available, from the simple to the elaborate. You could try hanging strings of Halloween-themed lights along the walls of your home, or in the trees and bushes. These lights are usually orange or purple in color, and feature Halloween motifs like pumpkins, witches, black cats, etc. You can also purchase larger lamps that can be mounted on stakes on the lawn, as well as black lights which will cast a purple glow, and illuminate fluorescent props to great effect.

3. Statues

Positioning a few scary Halloween statues at strategic places around your yard can also be very effective. You can get statues of witches, devils, zombies and other evil characters, which can be full size or smaller. You can also get things like hands that appear to be digging their way up from under the grass, or dismembered limbs. Statues work especially well when placed in shadowy spots, or alternatively you could pick them out with spotlights.

4. Tombstones

Creating your own little graveyard on the lawn will give your yard a convincingly sepulchral atmosphere. You can buy very realistic looking full-size Halloween tombstones (which are fortunately not made from stone, but lightweight plastic or other materials), or you can opt for smaller, more 'cartoonish' types. Whichever you choose, for best effect remember to leave enough space between them, to give the impression of real graves underneath.

5. Sound

Lastly, don't forget that creating a nerve-wracking atmosphere isn't just about the visual aspect - for best effect engage all the senses and be sure to provide some scary sound effects too. You can buy CDs of Halloween-themed recordings, which feature effects like screams, evil laughter, spooky ambient noises and the like. You can also get recordings of specially designed music, like the kind of soundtracks you hear in horror films.

Keep these Halloween yard decorating tips in mind, and you'll create a fantastic creepy atmosphere that your guests will remember!