History will show that these 5 great Michael Jackson albums were some of the most creative and best-selling musical works ever produced. All of these “King of Pop” albums were recorded under the Epic Records label. Michael Jackson died on June 25th 2009 at the age of 50. He was about to embark on his eagerly awaited comeback tour. We will never know what could have been, but will always be eternally grateful for his rich and enduring legacy.

1. “Invincible”. This album featuring 16 new tracks was released on October 30, 2001. “Invincible” debuted at number one in 12 different countries. Michael had a falling out with Sony Music thus contributing to their poor album promotion. This album has sold only 8 to 10 million, much less than previous Michael Jackson albums. The most highly rated singles on this album are: “Cry”, “You Rock my World” and “Butterflies”. Produced by Michael Jackson, Ted Riley, Kenneth Edmonds, Rodney Jerkins, R. Kelly and Dr. Freeze.

2. “The HIStory Album”. This two-disc album was released on June 20, 1995. The first disc called “HIStory Begins” consists of 15 greatest hits of Michael Jackson as a solo artist. Some of the popular singles from the first disc are “Billie Jean”, “She’s Out of my Life” and “Beat It”. The second disc “HIStory Continues” debuts Michael playing the keyboard, guitar, synthesizer, drums and percussion. Even though it was an angry album--because of allegations plaguing his existence--there are some mellow songs to soften the edges a bit. Janet Jackson and Shaquille O’Neal comprise some of the special appearances found on “HIStory”. Produced by Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Terry Lewis, Ted Riley, Dallas Austin, Bill Bottrell, David Foster and R. Kelly.

3. “Dangerous”. This Grammy Award winning album was released on November 26, 1991, skyrocketing to number one in only three days. This has become the best selling album in the New Jack Swing genre of all time. Nine singles were produced from this 14 track album. The highest rated song “Black or White” quickly shot up 32-spots on the Pop singles chart, breaking the Beatles, “Let it be” song from 1970. Sales were promoted by this album when Michael performed in front of 120 million spectators during the 1993 Super bowl half-time show. Also, Oprah’s interview with Michael at Neverland Ranch greatly boosted sales of this album. Produced by Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley and Bill Bottrell.

4. “Bad”. Released in 1987 and winning two Grammy Awards, this Michael Jackson album sold over 30 million copies to become one of the best selling albums ever. To this day “Bad” is the only album to produce five number one singles. Michael and Quincy Jones worked together to create an artistic work of perfection. The enraged message-ridden video “Leave Me Alone” came from this album; the artist desperately trying to dispel negative rumors and craving privacy in this memorable rollercoaster production.

5. “Thriller”. Released on November 30, 1982, this stellar album was destined for greatness by design. Michael set his focus on creating the best selling album in the world. “Thriller” won eight American Music Awards and eight Grammy Awards in 1984, including album of the year. It is possible sales reached over 100 million, sales figures vary on this magnificent Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones production. Three videos or “short films” were created from singles on this album: “Billie Jean”, “Beat It” and “Thriller”. MTV proved vital in catapulting these finely crafted masterpieces into the hall of music fame. Many to this day can still recall where they were when the “Thriller” video made its television debut. What a huge impact this--the greatest Michael Jackson album--made on the music and video industry, worldwide.