Visiting Seattle, WA

There are many great places to visit in Washington, but here are 5 cheap places to visit in Seattle. If you are planning on traveling to the city, located in the Pacific Northwest, you must give yourself time to visit Seattle's extraordinary landmarks. You should also make your way to see Seattle's various cultural centers to get a feel of this very laid-back city.

5 cheap places to visit in Seattle include: the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the Seattle Glassblowing Studio, Qwest Field, and Seattle Central Library. Below, you will find information about each of these wonderful places!

The Space Needle

Certainly the most recognized symbol of Seattle, the Space Needle rockets into the Seattle skyline 605 feet, standing alone just north of the downtown area. Built in the early 1960's, the Space Needle became an amazing feat of modern architecture, which currently attracts well over 1000 people per day!

On a clear day, from it's renovated observation deck at 520 feet, you will get to see Mt. Rainier, Mt. Baker, several surrounding islands, and the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges! Downtown Seattle, cruise-liners in the Puget Sound, and Qwest Field are all just a glance away.

Simply put, the Space Needle will give you a breath-taking view of Seattle and it's everyday way of life among such an exquisite backdrop. You will fall in love! Depending on your age, a trip to the top of the Space Needle will cost roughly $40. Though expensive, the newly renovated tower is clean and elegant. Make sure you spend some time in the gift shop after you see the sights. There are plenty of awesome souvenirs to purchase! And don't forget to take a stroll through the rest of the Seattle Center.

Pike Place Market

The Space Needle is definitely an icon of Seattle. But, what gives Seattle its purpose, wealth of history and soul is found on the corner of Pike St. and First Ave. Founded in the early 1900's, Pike Place Market is one of the world's most famous farmers' market. Created to connect farmers with the city dwellers, Pike Place Market grew to encompass over 9 acres close to the Puget Sound coastline.

According to the Pike Place website, the market is home to over 200 commercial businesses, 190 craftspeople, and roughly 100 farmers who rent tables everyday to sell their produce and crafts. Be prepared to spend the day walking through Pike Place Market!

9 acres of small souvenir shops, cafes, fish markets, and craft tables will keep you occupied and excited for more! Visit the Gum Wall, the 1st Starbucks Coffee, and the world-famous Pike Place Fish market. The Pike Place Market is open for everyone at no charge, so feel free to go as you please through this historic landmark.

The Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Founded in 1991, the Seattle Glassblowing Studio is an extraordinary gallery of glass and artwork, handcrafted right in the back of the shop! A few blocks walk from the Seattle Center will bring you into this unique world of glass and wonder. Seattle Glassblowing Studio offers thousands of glass pieces for purchase, from dishware to beads to vases to custom-made glass art. There is no limit to what Seattle Glassblowing Studio can do!

If you are visiting Seattle, take a walk down 5th street and venture into the shop. If you are on an extended stay in Seattle, follow your dream and take a glassblowing class at the Studio! Seattle Glassblowing Studio offers everyone the chance to learn the art of glassblowing. For a price, you can schedule a night next to a very hot furnace but worth every penny as you make your very own piece of glass art! To purchase the Studio's work, price will range depending on the size and complexity of the glass piece. Remember, handle everything with care!

Qwest Field

One of Seattle's newest possessions, Qwest Field is home to NFL pro-football team, the Seattle Seahawks. Built earlier this century, Qwest Field is located on Seattle's south side, close to Seattle's downtown area. Qwest Field seats over 67,000 people, with additional seats for special events and people with disabilities. Football fans will experience great seating and an expansive concession area! 70% of the roof covers the field, so you will not have to worry about breaking out the rain gear for one of Seattle's occasional sprinkles!

When the day is clear, catch a glimpse of Seattle's near-by snow-peaked mountains. Qwest Field is a marvel of modern ingenuity and certainly worth the visit! Take the Link, Seattle's light rail, from downtown Seattle. A few stops and you'll be dropped off right in front of the stadium. And don't forget to cheer on the Seahawks!

Seattle Central Library

Marvel at the magnitude of Seattle's Central Library. This 11-story building, plus it's 26 other neighborhood branches, packs a whooping 2.3 million books! The exterior is an elaborate blend of glass and steel that stands out from the rest of the neighboring buildings. Inside, you will be awestruck as you walk through the enormous open "living room." The ability to look up and see every story inside the exquisite glass skeleton is astonishing.

Opened on May 23, 2004, the Seattle Central Library has become an international tourist destination as visitors from around the world can experience 5 platforms designed to resemble stacks of books. On each, you may find places to sit and read books, connect to the internet, sound rooms for musical instruments, and more! For a thrilling view of the library, take the florescent elevators up to the 11th floor. From the observation ledge, you can look down on the immensity of the building!

Visit Seattle Central Library located in the heart of downtown Seattle. The library is open to everyone, but remember that you must have a library card to check-out books!


If your travel budget it tight, be sure to scope out these 5 cheap places to visit in Seattle! Whether you are looking for a scenic view, historical sites, or a fun event - Seattle offers several inexpensive adventures.