Whilst the UK property market languishes in the doldrums, the overseas property investment industry is still in boom time. Globally, buyers with enthusiasm for overseas property investments are buying stunning properties with great value which will only increase. Perhaps you are considering overseas property as an alternative to regular pensions or as a means to help you avoid the Eurozone economic crisis - regardless of your intentions the time has come to start making your purchases. Here we've compiled a shortlist of the best 5 most alluring overseas investment places out there.

1. Franschhoek, South Africa

Rolling vineyards, stunning mountainous scenery, amazing wine, gourmet food, an alluring climate and all only 60 minutes from the cities of Cape Town and Stellenbosch - Franschhoek is an ideal place for property investment. A firm favourite with vacationers both native to South Africa and foreign, Franschhoek properties are a very wise overseas investment with massive potential.

2. Barbados

Enduringly popular, and for good reasons! With a sound business mind and the right spirit you could make a fantastic property investment in Barbados, the secret is figuring out where to begin looking. Barbados has a leisurely culture, extraordinary landscapes and plenty of shorelines. This is undoubtedly why lots of people will choose it for overseas investment property for the near future and beyond.

3. Florida, USA

The housing market in Florida is really on the grow at the moment. Homes are steadily increasing in value but they're still available at extremely tempting prices. You do get a fair bit of property for the money though, in spite of these newer rates. For example, a family-sized house with a pool was available for around £170k in April 2011.

4. Malta

Recently, Malta has started to stand out as an excellent spot for overseas property investment, particularly with Britons. With many exciting new changes and really affordable property taxation, Malta shows real promise. Actually, when it comes to housing tax, Malta is one of the best European resorts for low rates. This makes purchases on the island really tempting and potentially highly profitable. With nice weather during spring and summer, amazing scenery and a fascinating history, Malta is a perfect European investment location.

5. Tuscany, Italy

When you are looking to find a sound property investment overseas, the most famous travel destinations often make for a sure profit source. Italy is a little pricey for travelling and leisure, but its solid infrastructure and many facilities will no doubt attract property investors. The diversity and beauty of this region of Italy are world-renowned. From rolling hillsides to beautiful coastlines, picturesque old cities and even skiing - Tuscany and Umbria are extremely attractive prospects.


Wherever you're looking to make investments, the time to start is right now. Put your cash where it can grow and enjoy all of the benefits of a spectacular overseas property at the same time.