Ireland is a magical place to visit with many fascinating places to see. Lets look at 5 of the best to guide you during your stay.

1. The Cliffs of Moher

The cliffs of Moher in County Clare is one of Irelands most popular tourist destinations and for very good reason. The cliffs were formed over 300 million years ago and reach a staggering 702 feet at their highest point. The cliffs face the Atlantic Ocean and on a clear day the Aran Islands and the famous Galway Bay are visible.

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There is an abundance of wild life at the cliffs and a fantastic visitor centre that provides tourists with information on the area. The cliffs have been featured in many movies including Harry Potter and The Princess Bride. For a tourist travelling to Ireland the Cliff of Moher are  an absolute must see and will not soon be forgotten.

2. The Giants Causeway

The Giants Causeway in Northern Irelands County Antrim was formed as result of a volcanic eruption 50-60 millions years ago. The causeway consists of 40,000 (mostly) hexagonal interlocking Basalt columns which look spectacular. It is truly one of the most unique natural landscapes in the world and extremely popular with people touring Ireland. 

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The Giants Causeway is also home to many different types of sea birds and there is a fantastic visitor centre which provides everything you need to know about the area.

3. Kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle

The Blarney stone is a world famous block of limestone built into Blarney Castle in Irelands County Cork. According to Irish legend, kissing the Blarney stone will bestow the kisser with the gift of the gab. 

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Thousands of tourists every year travel to Blarney to make the pilgrimage up the steps of the castle and try their luck with the stone.

4. Dublin Zoo

Europe is home to some fantastic Zoos and Dublin is no exception. Dublin Zoo is situated in the famous Phoenix park which is an attraction in itself and is one of the top Irish tourist attractions. 

The zoo first opened in 1831 has dedicated itself to the conservation and study of animals and is home to some incredible species. One of the feature attractions in Dublin Zoo is the 'African Plains' exhibit which features an African style savanna where animals such as Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinos, Hippos and many more species roam free.

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The zoo also features fabulous exhibits featuring big cats, primates, reptiles arctic animals and much more. Dublin Zoo is truly one of the best day outs you can have in the city.


5. The Guinness Storehouse

Irelands most famous internationally famous product 'Guinness' is also host to one of Irelands most popular tourist attractions, 'The Guinness Storehouse'. Located in the heart of Dublin City, The Guinness Storehouse takes you on a journey through time and the creation of Guinness. The storehouse is part of the famous St James Gate complex where Guinness is brewed.

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The Guinness Storehouse tour is fantastic and brings you up to speed on the history of the famous drink. The tour ends in the Guinness 'Gravity Bar' which has 360 degree views of Dublin City while you enjoy a perfect pint of the black stuff. Not to be missed!