Scrapbooking has become a really popular keyword in the search engines, if you search for scrapbooking in Google you will get over 95 million results.This has become a hobby that many people start in their spare time and some have even turned it into a business.Here are 5 great reasons why you should start scrapbooking.

1.You can protect your photos.A well-made scrapbook preserves and protects your valuable photos and makes the photos much more fun to look at instead of browsing through a plain and boring photo album.

2.Give it away as a gift! Scrapbooks are very personal and every one of them looks different, they are all unique.That´s why scrapbooks make a great gift to give away for different occasions like weddings, birthdays, graduations, retirement parties, anniversaries and so on.A scrapbook shows to the receiver that you have put a lot of time and effort into your gift.

3.A great creative outlet! Everyone has their own creative and artistic side, not everyone uses it.To express your creativity, you could start writing, arranging, cutting and pasting your very own scrapbook.It is enjoyable and so much fun.If you think you are a very un-artistic person who don´t believe you can do any of that very well, then you are wrong.

All it takes is to copy a page layout from a magazine or a newspaper that you like and add some color to it.It is easy to get inspired when you have some great materials and photos in front of you.After a while you will be designing your own unique layouts and adding personal touches to your scrapbook pages.

4.Get to know other scrapbookers! Sharing the same hobby with someone else is the best way to make new friends and scrapbooking is one of the best hobbies you can share with friends.

Many communities have their own clubs where scrapbookers can get together to share ideas and talk for hours.Some scrapbooking stores arrange special events for this same purpose and hope that people will purchase a few things at the same time.This is a great way to get out of the house and socialize with other people.

5.Capture precious moments and memories! This is the best thing about scrapbooking in my opinion. Instead of having a lot of photos hanging around you could build a scrapbook that tells a story about your precious moments and memories.As time goes by it is fun to look back at things that happened a long time ago.