The fast changing world of business and technology today dictates having a smartphone at your disposal, if you are going to simplify your working life. It’s not that you must have or use a smartphone to be successful and happy in business and life respectively. All I’m saying is that a smartphone – as it is “smart”, will simplify a lot of tasks in your day-to-day life. However, a good smartphone can cost you an arm and a leg depending on the model, specifications, design and most importantly where you shop from. High end smartphones costs not less than $300 today, with the prices shooting way up to about $800 or more. The UK models of these high end phones are quite expensive compared to the American and…oh yes; you guessed it right, the Chinese models.
Let us look at five great smartphones which will not cost you more than $150 including shipping to your door on

1. HTC myTouch. Average cost $120

HTC myTouch Smartphone

This is a far less-priced smartphone compared to what it can do. The HTC myTouch comes with 3G and Wi-Fi network capabilities, Google maps, Picasa, YouTube, Gmail, Bluetooth and a 3.2 mega-pixel camera for a great photo shooting and video capture experience. It includes an accelerometer with a 3.2 inches HVGA capacitive touch screen which is very accommodating. The HTC runs on the Android v2.1 Operating system giving access to thousands of applications and games on the Google/Android market for your phone’s customization. With up to 7 hours of talk time, be sure to like the battery of the HTC myTouch.
The HTC’s fast processor will allow you to run multiple Apps at the same go. You will enjoy easy file transfer via USB and not limited to media stored in iTunes.
On the negative side of the HTC myTouch, you will not like the on-screen keyboard at all times. The on-screen keyboard can appear too small for your liking especially for people with big fingers.

2. LG Optimus one. Average cost $130

LG Optimus One Smartphone

With a standard no frills, 3.2’’ capacitive touch screen, the LG Optimus one is a great phone with a very friendly price tag attached to it. Sporting the uncluttered Android v2.2 Operating System and the impressive processor – though struggles most times it is given a task, you will very much like its fast processing speed. The battery life is impressive too.
Balanced in the hand with its perfect size and solidly built layout, the LG Optimus will definitely fit into your pocket both in size and price.
As you go for this phone, be aware of some cons: You will not be able to find anywhere on it the digital or track pad option, meaning playing some of your favourite games might be out of the question. Editing of texts is also problematic to a certain extent thanks to the lack of any sort of analogue input. The low resolution screen also makes many of the internet pages hard to read.

3. Motorola Charm MB502. Average cost $130

Motorola Charm Smartphone

For starters, the Motorola Charm MB502 runs the Android operating system version 2.1 which is fast enough for most of the tasks you will want to accomplish with this phone.  The android v2.1 will allow you do download hundreds of other applications according to your preferences from the android market.  For your fast and easy messaging applications, its 2.8-inch 320 x 240 pixel Gorilla glass  multi-touch screen,  physical and virtual qwerty keyboards, MOTOBLUR application, and  backtrack navigation pad on rear of the device for opposite display will come in handy. It supports Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, GPS navigation, USB connectivity and v2.0 Bluetooth. It has an accelerometer, with light and proximity sensors. For your heavy data storage and downloads, the microSDHC support up 32GB will certainly serve that purpose in addition to the in-built 512MB.
The Charm is built well, and its primary function as a phone is great. It has dual microphones for noise canceling, call quality on both the earpiece and speakerphone is excellent, and Blur's dialer is easy to use and very intuitive. Overall, you would be very pleased with the fit and finish. The touchscreen, while small and permanently stuck in landscape mode, is responsive, and the 600 MHz OMAP processor is more than enough to power the Charm for the things it can do.
Here's the fun part. The Charm runs Blur. Love it or hate it Motoblur atop Android 2.1. Oddly enough, if you keep in mind that the Charm is a smarter messaging phone, Blur works well. And because of the screen size, orientation, and resolution, you're not going to be playing games or watching full length videos on the Motorola Charm, so I'm not going to hate on it too much. Blur gives you access to every kind of messaging service known to modern man, it's integrated into everything, and keeps you in touch. Honestly, heavy social media users would love it if they can get over the stigma that goes along with the Blur name.
On the negative side though, the short battery life comes in number one position and arguably the major problem you will find on this great phone. For heavy texting, emailing and music addicts, you will be very lucky to last two days before powering up the CHARM’s battery. Another con is about the screen resolution. If you are a “sharp images” die-hard on your phone screen, you might want not to want a Motorola Charm.

4. Nokia E5-00. Average cost $149.99

Nokia E5-00 Smartphone(72054)

The E5 crams in HSDPA, a 5 megapixel camera and Wi-Fi for starters. The messaging capabilities of the Nokia E5 are exceptional. It is very easy to set up mailboxes no matter what provider you’re with. The texting skills supported by the E5 are also a class apart. For a work email gadget you might be looking for, the QWERTY key board on the E5 will undoubtedly help you achieve your objectives. The keys are very soft.
The Nokia E5 does have a dedicated messaging button which comes in mighty handy. A short press on the button takes you straight into all your mail boxes, while a longer push takes you to a new text. This feature, brought across from E-series and C-series devices, really helps the E5 stand out from its rivals.
Multimedia-wise, the E5s’ music application is quite good for optimal enjoyment. Its 5 megapixels camera with a flash to boot makes photo captures a great experience on the Nokia E5. On the negative side though, video playback is poor thanks to the low resolution screen.
But if you need a good reason for owning the Nokia E5, it would be the battery life. With 670 hours standby time and 5 and half hours 3G talk time, it will be your best friend especially if you cannot access an electric outlet quite often.. In real terms, that is translated to three solid days of browsing, mailing and music playing before powering it up.

5. Samsung Galaxy mini. Average cost $150

Samsung Galaxy Mini Smartphone

When it comes to price, the Galaxy mini is cheap and cheerful for a smartphone of its quality and class. The navigation, touchscreen and icons make it an easy to use gadget for all classes of people without minding about your age. The Galaxy mini will integrate your social networking with speedy connectivity for you to stay in touch with buddies and enemies. The download speeds are quite impressive. It has a responsive capacitive screen, nice build and smooth, and a lag-free performance. It’s nice proximity sensor, good reception, and an excellent UI makes a galaxy mini a must buy. Furthermore, you will enjoy a good quality audio play back for both ear phone and ear piece. In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy mini will not try to do what it is not supposed to do while giving you maximum value for your hard-earned cash. 
There are cons too which include; A very low quality resolution 3.14” screen with its 240 x 320 pixels, a small on-screen keyboard which stresses your eyes and fingers, slow processor and below average camera quality with only 3 mega-pixels. The camera, too, does not support the auto focus function.