Use Good Quality Boxes

When you are in the process of packing in readiness for moving into your self storage room, it is essential to use good quality, strong boxes that will be up to the task. You can often find boxes for sale for £1 or so but it is unlikely that these will stand the test of time. The last thing that you want when moving are boxes breaking or collapsing. Cheap boxes are almost always ‘single skin’ – this means that the sides and base of the box are manufactured from one thin piece of cardboard and are inherently weak. Aim to find boxes that are ‘double-skinned’ meaning that they are far more solid and can be used again and again.

High Quality Boxes
Credit: CityStore Website

Ensure You Stack Items Correctly

Thinking about how you will organise the self-storage unit and how your goods will be stacked is an important part of the storage process. Ask yourself if you will need to access certain items at any time. If so, ensure that these items are stacked near the door so they can be easily retrieved without having to remove many other goods just to get to an item in a box at the bottom. In addition, having good quality boxes makes a difference if you are stacking one on top of the other. Cheap boxes will often collapse if other boxes are stacked on top. 

Stack of Boxes
Credit: CityStore Website

Keep Fridges And Freezers Slightly Open

A common use of self storage is during either kitchen renovations or house moves. In both these circumstances, large goods such as fridges need to be placed into storage. The main thing to remember is to clean the appliance thoroughly prior to storing. If there are any food stains left these will go mouldy even if you are only in storage for a week. Secondly, after cleaning, ensure that the door to the appliance is left open slightly. If the door is closed fully, this can cause bad odours and also mould to grow over time.

Make Full Use Of The Storage Space

Most customers do not maximise the space that they are paying for. Most storage centres have unit heights of at least 7 feet which means that a smaller storage unit can often be rented as goods can be stacked right up to ceiling. Think about items such as sofas. These can often be stacked on their end to minimise wasted space. When wardrobes are stored, customers often store them empty when there is space inside to stack boxes. 

Space Saving
Credit: CityStore Website

Make Sure You Are Insured

All self storage companies will offer you insurance for your goods whilst you are in storage. The prices are often very reasonable, averaging £1 per week for £1000 of insurance cover. Some storage companies will offer you a price with a certain level of insurance cover. This is to be discouraged as it is only you, the customer, who can decide on the correct level of insurance that you require. The key point is to make sure that you are covered just in case the worst happens.