5 Great Vegetarian Cookbooks

Whether you're a new vegetarian who is learning how to cook, a veteran vegetarian looking to spice up  your kitchen portfolio (pardon the pun), or a true meatlover looking to pick up a gift for that hard-to-shop-for vegetarian in your life, I guarantee you'll find what you need in one of these cookbooks! 
I've been a vegetarian for over 20 years and in that time I have tried just about every book on the market. I get bored eating the same food over and over again, and generally try to eat well-balanced meals that include complete protein. After many years of try and error in the kitchen, I have to say, these five vegetarian cookbooks are top notch!

The Joy of Cooking: All About Vegetarian Cooking

Most people have heard of the classic cookbook, The Joy of Cooking, by Irma S. Rombauer. What many people might not have heard about is, The Joy of Cooking: All About Vegetarian Cooking. This version of the classic is paired down to only include vegetarian and vegan recipes. Rather than paging through dozen of unusable recipes that contain animal products, vegetarians can get straight to work with this more relevant edition. 

How to Cook Everything Vegetarian

Much like The Joy of Cooking, How to Cook Everything, by Mark Bittman has become a kitchen staple. It too now has a vegetarian-friendly version. Rather than culling existing vegetarian recipes from the original cookbook, Biitman chose to spend time learning how to properly cook vegetarian food before developing high-quality, meatless recipes for this collection.

Student's Vegetarian Cookbook, Revised: Quick, Easy, Cheap and Tasty

While eating vegetarian can be very rewarding, cooking vegetarian can be very expensive and, frankly, a lot of work. Many vegetarian recipes rely on gourmet ingredients that are expensive and hard to find, and processes that are time-consuming. This cookbook by Carole Raymond does none of that. Designed for students, this collection of recipes is ideal for anyone who is short on cash or too busy to include gourmet mains in their day to day meal prepartion. 

Vegetarian Comfort Food: Meals Like Mom Makes, Without the Meat

Vegetarian food is often focused around healthy meal options. While that's great,  sometimes you just want a little comfort food! This collection of recipes by Jennifer Warren takes all the hearty classics and rebrands them for vegetarians. Whether your guilty pleasure is greasy French toast, a hearty chili, or savoury shepherd's pie, these recipes are sure to make you anyone feel good.

The PDQ (Pretty Darn Quick) Vegetarian Cookbook: 240 Healthy and Easy No-Prep Recipes for Busy Cooks

The PDQ is a vegetarian cookbook for the 21st century. It utilizes the semi-prepared food now available at most grocers to make quick and tasty meals. Whether it's frozen vegetables, or prepared sauces this collection will show you how to use these convenient ingredients in a healthy, delicious, time-saving way. No preparation (aside from a stop at the grocery store) necessary.