1. Make him a card.

You could go out to target a buy a Father’s day card but is your Dad really going to be impressed by a $1.99 Hallmark card? If you buy a card, go on you computer and write up a nice letter. If you make a card, go on your computer and write up a nice letter. If you forget a card, go on your computer and write a nice letter. Father’s Day isn’t about driving to a convenience store and grabbing a cheap card it’s about showing your Father how much you love and care for him. Pick a fond memory from your childhood of the two of you and re-tell it. Then pick a fond memory of the last year and show how you’ve become closer or stayed just as close. Find an old picture of the two of you and tape it in the card. Thank him for what he’s done to raise you and for being in your life. This is what Father’s Day is REALLY about.


2. Go to a sports game or event. 

Depending on what he likes this could mean different things. If he’s really in to Soccer take him to a Soccer game. If he’s really into Baseball Father’s Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to go to a game. The games doesn’t even have to be on Father’s Day. For example: If your Dad’s favorite team is the Braves but you live in Chicago buy your Dad some tickets the next time the Braves come to Chicago! He’ll love the game and love spending time with you. It doesn’t have to be sports. Take him to the planetarium or the aquarium or to a book store if he loves books! You know him better than random-blog-guy (me) so you would know better where to go. If all else fails – ask him where he wants to go!


3. Make him breakfast

By now you probably know his favorite breakfast foods and the best news is they are all easy to cook. Pancakes, eggs, french toast, waffles, bacon, sausage or most other breakfast foods are all quick, easy and cheap. For the most part you will probably have all of the ingredients already in your home!


4. Take a picture with him

Every Father’s Day take a picture with your dad. Find a nice place to put it so you can see the progression of the two of you. It’s nice to look back on your relationship and remember all the days you’ve celebrated together. To make this cooler, wherever you go on Father’s Day take a picture at that event. If you go to a ball game take a picture in the stands. If you go to the shedd aquarium take a picture by the sharks. You get the point. It’ll be a nice memory refresher to look back on throughout the years and will instantly spark memories from the day you spent together.


5. Watch family videos 

This one is always fun. It creates lots of laughs, good family time together and often lots of embarrassment! I’ve never had more fun than one day going through all the old family photos and watching all the old family home videos!

Just remember that whatever you do make it personal. Father’s Day isn’t about spending money on your dad or sacrificing your day with your friends – it’s about showing your Father what he means to you.