Exercise officeIn these hectic and busy days, it seems there's never enough time to get everything done. Balancing personal life with work and family responsibilities is hard enough. Trying to add exercise into that mix makes things even harder. If there's really enough time for personal, professional and family life how is it possible to find time to exercise that we all so badly need.

Not exercising ends up being the option many people take. This leads directly to excessive weight around the waist and ultimately can even lead to increased physical difficulties that can make work, family responsibilities and personal life even harder. One of the best ways to combat at least some of the difficulties in not having time for daily workout everyday this is to try to get some exercise done while at the office or relaxing in your home. Fortunately there are some great ways to exercise while at the office.

One way to handle this is with a series of 1 minute office exercises. Additionally you can get a few simple gadgets that are also great ways to exercise in the office.

Here are the five great ways to exercise at the office

Exercise Bands

These classic stretchy resistance bands can be used anywhere for a series of great exercises. They can fit right in your desk drawer and come out whenever you have a moment to spare. They are the perfect office workout equipment, regardless of space along with the light toning dumbbells.

The Walk Station.

This high-end gadget is going to be far outside the budget for many office workers. It is the only item on the list that has a significant cost to its purchase, though. The walk Station is basically a slow-moving treadmill designed for walking with a built-in electrically adjustable table built-in. The idea is you can get all of your office work done while still walking on a treadmill. You can do this in such a slow pace that you will never sweat and stink up your business suit.

Solid Dumbbells

A classic tool for strength and toning. These small Solid dumbbells are easy to store in a desk. They are the opposite of the Walk Station. They are cheap easy to hide away and easy to break out for a couple of quick exercises. Use these light dumbbells enough and it can really be of assistance in building up lean muscle mass and toning.

Exercise Chair officeErgonomic Balance Ball Office Chair Review

Just sitting on a balance ball helps to keep your posture perfect and over time gives you a mild workout and strengthens and tones your core muscles. With one of these simple Balance ball Chairs you can get a workout while just sitting around. A real exercise routine will of course be needed too, but this is a way to make sure you get as tones and fit while sitting at work as possible. A great way to exercise at the office without even exercising.

Exercise Handgrips

You are not going to get a full workout, simply using handgrips. But it is better than nothing. More important than the "workout" you get is the positive effect on both strengthening your grip and helping to alleviate repetitive motion damage that can lead to issues like carpel tunnel syndrome. If you do a lot of work on the computer, having one of these handgrips by your computer should be a must to use during an occasional break to exercise your wrist and hands.

Whether using the 1 minute office exercises, or the exercise tools, using your time wisely and getting some exercise done in the office really seems like the common sense approach to fitness. Don't waste time or let yourself get out of shape. Try a little exercising in the office.