We will look at the top 5 ab workouts for women in this article. It will help you to knowwoman-abs what exercises to do to finally cut that tummy fat and get a lean and sexy middle. Here's those exercises, make sure to include them in your routines regularly.

Some of the most important ab workouts for women includes those that helps to
cut belly fat. This is because you have to get rid of your tummy fat first before you will see your abs. The 3 best exercises to burn away excess tummy fat is interval training, weight training and circuit training.

Interval training

Make sure that you do at least 3 cardio interval training sessions a week of 20 minutes each. You can do any machine that you prefer, just make sure to really take the pace up a few times.

Weight training

When it comes to weight training, you have to remember to exercise your upper and your lower body. For best results train with weights for at least 3 times a week.

Circuit training

Most gyms and health clubs have a circuit training area that combines weight training and cardio exercises. It helps you to spend less time in the gym and it is also one of the best ways to burn away fat.


The reason why yoga and Pilates are so good for your abs, is that it helps to destress you and calm you down. Stress causes excess fat being stored on your tummy and Yoga and Pilates will help with that.

Abs specific exercises

Abs specific exercises are mentioned lastly because the other exercises are more important when it comes to fat loss. But you still have to do abs specific exercises to firm up your abs. The best ones are: the bicycle, the plank, crunches and oblique crunches.

I hope that this article has shown you what the best ab workouts are for women. If you also struggle with your love handles, you need equipment to lose love handles.