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From being used in humorous sketches when characters fall and slip over, the banana could arguably be a ‘comedy enhancing fruit’. But the nutritional content of the humble banana should also make you smile because they are extremely good for you. So they do indeed offer far more than a sweet and healthy taste.

There are several ways in which this bright yellow fruit can benefit your health today, and by consuming them in the long run you can get more of these advantages out of bananas. If you freeze them then you could make delicious fruit smoothies in the morning, or include them in your cakes and muffin recipes for a sweet and moreish taste. Put a few slices with some natural yogurt for a filling desert or a few more pieces on your porridge or cereal in the morning for a healthy boost to start off the day.

There are countless ways that you can try to integrate bananas into your daily diet. Once you read these five health benefits of them below then I am sure you will agree that it can be really worth considering eating bananas more. So let’s look at some of these compelling reasons for why you should include more bananas in your diet today.

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1. Alleviate Depression and Low Mood

If you are currently suffering from depression or a constant low mood then always consider talking about this with a friend or family member. However, a small way that you can help boosts your mood and feelings, is by eating the humble banana.

It is crucially tryptophan that it contains which the body is able to convert into serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Certainly, one banana is not going to change your world but eating them on a regular basis, perhaps one a day five times a week for a month, you may start to feel a difference in your mood and spirits.

Although it is a small aid, a healthy and well balanced diet could also boost your metabolism or the rate at which your body is able to convert the food you consume into energy to use. If you are feeling healthier from your diet then you are less likely to feel depressed and run down because your body will have lots of energy and vitality to get through the day. In addition, the banana can help keep you feeling fuller for longer which helps a great deal with the following tip two below.

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2. Help Weight Loss

Bananas are great for helping to assist with weight loss and this is not just because of the great vitamins such as vitamin C or B6 that they contain, it is also because of their sweet taste. Bananas taste sugary and they are filling as a snack on the go or as a dessert. But luckily they have a low score on the glycemic index[7].

They are a slow release carbohydrate and can help make you feel fuller for longer. This is one of their great advantages if you are trying to loose some weight or get into better shape.

This is because if you are feeling content and satisfied with sweet tasting fruit, then you are far less likely to reach for biscuits and other processed goods which will have no nutritional content or benefit for your body or health. Not only will eating bananas help to curb any sugary cravings you may have, they will also help to maintain a more consistent blood-sugar level when you are exercising too.

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3. Assist with Digestion

Due to their high fiber content, bananas can assist with promoting, improving and maintaining regular bowel movements. Diarrhea or an upset stomach can of course cause discomfort and you may suffer from it regularly as part of an ongoing health issue or medication that you may be taking.

The high content of potassium in a banana can help you.  In addition, if you suffer with irritable bowel syndrome or ‘IBS’ then the potassium enhancing properties of the banana could also be of assistance to you too.

This is because when one has diarrhea, a lot of potassium is lost resulting in low levels of it in the body[2]. The banana helps to replenish this deficiency (albeit in a small manner), and combined with its fibrous nature, can only do some good towards improving your digestive ailments. 

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4. Improve Heart Health

Bananas contain a high level of potassium which has been mentioned in tip three. However, this also helps to protect the heart against stroke and heart disease. This is one of the fantastic benefits of consuming the fruit, as reducing the risk of heart related complications is something we all want to achieve.

The more potassium in your diet, then the more sodium the body can expel and this is also great for improving blood pressure levels. In addition, potassium actually helps with muscle contraction too.

Increasing your potassium intake is one of the best dietary adjustments you can make for heart health and bananas can help you achieve this and make a real difference to your heart in the long run.

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5. Protect Against Cancer

Due to their vitamin C content, bananas can help to fight against the free radicals that can lead to cancer. Therefore, in the long run if you include bananas in your diet and other fruits and vegetables with a high vitamin C content such as oranges, then you can help your body protect itself more against cancer.

Even though it may only contribute a small amount, our diets do indeed play a huge part in determining our health and the quality of our lives.

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I hope that these five advantage points of bananas and their health benefits can encourage you to consume more of them. There are many recipes for using bananas which are highlighted above in the following book. 

Small changes can really add up when it comes to what we eat. So try these delightful yellow fruits again and see if you can feel the difference in the long run.

Below is a You Tube video from the channel ‘FoodnSport’ where they discuss ten top health benefits of bananas.