Many are always interested in the highest paying jobs in America. Some are students others unsatisfied with their current income levels. In order to change your situation you have to start asking yourself questions that you have never asked before, by asking what are the 5 highest paying jobs in America you can get an idea of the work involved in earning top dollar in the U.S.A.

At number 5 are Anesthesiologists as there are rated one of the highest paying jobs in America. These are medical doctors that specialize in providing, monitoring and dealing with pre/post operative care. They are involved in more than ninety percent of the millions of the anesthetics performed in America annually. This profession is an opportunity as the number of Anesthesiologist available has been dropping as of late. So there is a demand for them to perform all the duties that are required. They are needed to help plan operations, strategize the right anesthesia to each patient; they monitor life support during surgery and contend with issues in pain control. And the number of surgeries performed each year isn't declining so demand for people to fill these positions is growing. In terms of income they make over $130,000 per year and if demand continues to increase they will probably make more in the near future.

At number 4 are Obstetricians and Gynecologist who make on average over $133,000 per year. They are responsible for consulting with patients and the community on matters of hygiene, preventing the spread of disease and different areas of public health. They also deal with producing death reports, birth statistics and evaluating the employment force. Strong analytical skills are required for compiling different reports like community health and test results of different studies including all aspects of treatment of women's natal care. The requirements are to records and update patient details, histories and review the report findings. In addition, you would be involved in the explanation of medical procedures and test findings with patients. Auditing people's the ongoing medical condition while advising the modification of treatments is another area of focus. The administration and performing of various therapies and surgical procedures can be added to the list as well. Finally they would be called on to manage different health programs in a number of organizations to reduce and treat different medical concerns. The area of healthcare will continue to grow with the biggest segment of the population entering in their retirement years which increases the probability of the need for healthcare.

Number three goes to the profession of Investment bankers. They make more than $134,000 per year and can have many different responsibilities. Simply speaking, Investment bankers work with different organisations to develop, implement and achieve financial goals. They will take a clients goal and put together a plan using various strategies within the limitations of the client's business model and timelines. They usually don't work on all of this by themselves and are an important part of an organisation's team. The three areas' they deal in to achieve financial goals are raising capital through the debt market (issuing Bonds), Public stock offerings, acquisitions and mergers. Much of what they do is to coordinate the various teams that produce different parts of the overall plans, like the lawyers that prepare contractual needs of the deal or producing SEC regulatory documents for a company merger).

Number two goes to Surgeons. It has been said that this profession is more of a lifestyle than a job because to reach and operate as a Surgeon one must put in long hours with the highest level of dedication. The physical, emotional and mental pressure is very high; it requires exceptional concentration, stamina and 'centered' demeanor. Surgeries can sometimes take more than 12 hours to perform and they are on call at all hours of day and night. They make more than $137,000 per year and earn every penny of it. Another quality that helps is hand dexterity to be able to manipulate various surgical instruments and apply precision to very specific activities like small incisions. One can be a general surgeon or specialise in area of the body. An example would be a cardiothoracic specialist that deals with heart and lung disease through performing mostly invasive surgery.

The highest paying job in America goes to Mutual fund manager. These professionals manage large portfolios of stocks, bond, T-Bills and other investments. They make several hundred thousand dollars a year but it is important to note a fairly large part of that is usually in the form of bonuses. These bonuses are typically based on the hitting or exceeding investment return targets. The reason they can be paid so much is that a mutual fund charges a parentage of the portfolio's balance, which usually ranges from 1% to 3%. When a fund has a billion dollars under management that means the fees are from $10,000,000 to $30,000,000 per year, so even a million dollars seems possible when it is put into perspective. However, it's still one massive pay check.