Guy thinking

Are you wondering why you're still single or single again? Why do you keep attracting these drama ridden women that are so beneath you?

Perhaps you have been falling victim to this simple two-step thinking process:

  1. I'm a simple, easy-going guy
  2. I want a simple, easy-going gal

Heads-up: although life should be simple (and it really is if you take a close look), evidence shows that it is anything but simple; and definitely not easy going. It is a rare woman who is simple and easy-going.

So let's get back to reality and see how to maintain the highly effective patterns of lonely men.

broken heart

#1: Treat her like a Project - Most men are into cars or motorcycles and are masters at fixing vehicles, computers or any other mechanical thing. One way to stay single is to treat women just like a piece of technology. Treat them like they're broken and never give up attempting to fix them. Use all your tools in the shed. Although I'm your "how to fix a woman coach" every tool works different magic on different women. By no means try to hold her and under any circumstances should you ever try silence while listening to her roar when she's lost her marbles. This tactic will only backfire and will make her fall into even more pieces. Fixing her once and for all so she doesn't break again tomorrow is the only way to go.

#2: Refuse the Therapist - Since it will take many attempts trying to fix her she will eventually ask you to go to therapy with her. It is imperative that you refuse to see a therapist if you want to continue the pattern of a lonely man. A therapist will only take your hard earned cash and take sides with your broken woman. It's much better to encourage her to go to see a therapist by herself. She's the one who suggested it so she's obviously the one needing to see a professional. Make sure you point this out to her, it's part of the fixing process.

holding heart

#3: Watch more TV - There is no better way to give your woman silence than to tune her out completely and be engrossed in mindless TV. Under any circumstances should you ever miss your favorite football game or basketball game. This will show her what a dedicated fan you are to your favorite teams and it will raise her admiration of you. She will gladly take a backseat and practice her own silence while letting you admire other men jumping around on football fields and basketball courts.

#4: Never ask for Directions - A huge part of making sure that you're a lonely man is to hold your ground when asking for directions or asking for anything for that matter. You are all man, the macho kind and you have come this far in life without asking for direction, so why should you start now? Also make sure you never ask your woman anything. Don't ask her for her favorite color or what her fantasies are and by no means should you ever grant her the requests she makes. It's her job to serve you and ask you questions how she can do so. It shows lack of character if you are weak enough to ask a woman for anything. So hold your ground and put your nose to the grind stone or slam your head against a wall to figure things out on your own. You'll be a better man for it.

#5: Let her Wear the Pants - Every man knows that in today's time it is the women who knows best, at least that's what she thinks. So don't blow her bubble and allow her to think that she's in charge. When she pushes against you make sure you let her win. It will make her feel like she's wearing the pants and it will make her feel really secure knowing that she has a man that she can mold and change. A strong woman hates a man who is stronger than she is, after all, this would make her feel like she could be all feminine and let herself go into your essence and that is way too frightening for a woman. So make sure you let her rule you and let her call the shots. If she loses it because she's trying to control you and can't figure out how, just remember to fix her like one of your other projects.

happy woman

And my last piece of advice on how to remain a lonely single man: don't practice chivalry and don't ever chase a woman you're truly in love with. Women of today have become the chasers and they want to take care of you. The roles have reversed, haven't you noticed?