Restaurant Staff Have Their Ways of Executing Vengeance

List your ten dream jobs. It is a pretty safe bet that waiting tables won't make it to anyone's top 100. Have you ever noticed how the server puts up a smile when he takes your order but his grin drops as soon as he turns around? Our point being, bringing people their food doesn't make you feel fulfilled at the end of the day. And you have no idea what other problems this person has. For all you know, he is a ticking time bomb you can set off just by being a client. Would you be really that surprised if you get on his bad side?

The client is always right. But restaurant staff don't take this “rule” at heart. If you're wrong, you're wrong... and your waiter might decide to serve your lunch with a little justice on side! How? By either doing something nasty to your food or embarrass you in front of your date or associates by bringing your credit back and saying there's a problem. Same goes for cooks – return a meal and it's like you're saying “Your cook shouldn't be allowed to work even at a hot dog stand!” There is always at least one person working at a restaurant that won't have troubles sleeping if spits in your food.


There are Always Hygiene Problems

But how is that even possible? There are regulations, surprise inspections, secret clients! Are you familiar with the five-second rule? If not, here's how it goes: if you drop food on the floor, it is perfectly fine to eat it as long as you pick it up in less than five seconds. Most people joke about this at home where the floors are relatively clean or at least much cleaner than a heavy-traffic kitchen floor. Well, this rule applies for pretty much any restaurant and that whole “five-second” thing is often nothing more than an ignored suggestion. Chances are you've had steak at least once which has been dropped on the disgusting kitchen floor and, to add to the horror, even stepped on just for good measure.

But even though the local authorities make their best to tackle hygiene problems at public venues and restaurants, there are always problems that stay under the radar. You see, working in a restaurant involves a lot of cleaning. Some people don't even clean their homes, let alone anything that is not even theirs. Most restaurant workers know that they don't need to clean things, they just need to make them appear clean for their manager. However, if you inspect restaurants kitchens for a living, you will occasionally stumble upon something shocking like an oven that hasn't been clean since it was bought or a kitchen counter stained with animal blood. Once, at a London restaurant, we found a BBQ grill that had an inch-thick layers of carbon crusts on it.

Even if a restaurant kitchen is cleaned regularly and thoroughly, it is done with the help of manufactured cleaning products. Sometimes, surfaces where food is handled will be cleaned with a toxic cleaning product... but won't be rinsed. So what's nastier – a dropped, stepped on steak or a burger marinated with detergent?

Commercial kitchen

You Have No Idea What You're Eating

Ever had the notorious Kobe beef? Japan is a country where making tea is an hour-long ritual – you know that when you are eating the Japanese Wagyu cattle, the animal was raised with strict meticulousness and a very direct set of rules. Wait, isn't Kobe beef supposed to be a rare delicacy? How come there is a sudden Kobe influx?

Well, there isn't. All beef purveyors and restaurants who claim they have Kobe beef are simply lying to you. Unless you actually went to Japan, you've probably never even sniffed Kobe beef. Not in the UK, not in Europe, not in the USA, not in Australia! How come? Simply because the rules that apply to Kobe production are in compliance with Japanese legislation only... which makes Kobe beef illegal anywhere else in the world! So what are they really feeding you when you pay good portion of your monthly wage for beef dish? Whatever they want.

To add to the horror, restaurants will lie about pretty much all their products. It's not a “homemade” cake, it's not a custom sauce recipe – it all comes in already made. However, will make things look authentic which kind of brings us to our next point...


Ingredients Not Listed on The Menu

Some venues would go as far as to put ridiculous amounts of sugar in pizza dough for the kids menu. You order something with skim milk and it is almost never skim (as well as 2% milk, whole milk, and half-and-half) because it is impractical. Those marinated chicken wings were probably just soaked overnight in a mix of cola and BBQ sauce. Have you ever seen Epic Meal Time? You'd be surprised to find outs that all those insane cooking tricks are actually a well-known practice in the restaurant industry. YouTube just shows the compressed size of it all.

Does this sound like a wild theory to you? You'd probably think that no restaurant would risk doing this because somebody can order a dish and there will be a secret ingredient in the food to which he is allergic to. Well if your peanut allergy is that serious, you'd probably won't risk ordering something with nuts in it. You can be sure that somewhere on the package of those nuts is stated that they may have come in contact with peanuts in the packaging process – there might be such a warning on the menu as well! You can be sure that the restaurant is covered. 

But what if that restaurant covers something else as well?


The Whole Thing is Cover for Illegal Operations

Yep. Just like in “Breaking Bad”. As it turns out, fast food restaurants are excellent for committing crime. Just think about it – the constant traffic, the fast-paced environment – it is the perfect cover for activities that are not law-abiding. And by “activities that are not law-abiding” we mean drug dealing... well, most of the time.

Now, we understand that this sounds really like something that came out of a Martin Scorsese movie but there is a simple way to check this. Google it. You will find probably more than 80 million results for “drug arrest at fast food restaurant”. Not to mention all the stories you probably already know.