Deciding on a Halloween costume takes some thought. You might use TV show characters or go with old standbys such as super heroes. One of the best places to find scary costumes is the horror movies. Horror costumes are a time honored tradition with such characters as Dracula (vampires) and Frankenstein still being some favorites. Here are 5 horror movies you can use to find your scary costume.

 Halloween - Michael Meyers

If you are thinking of horror movies to gather ideas for your Halloween costume, you have to go with the classic. When Michael was six, he killed his oldest sister who was babysitting him and his younger sister and the rest of his family. Michael was sent to a mental institution and the baby sister was adopted out. 15 years later, he escapes and returns home, only to find out that his baby sister there. He attempts but fails to kill her. This costume consists of a plain facemask, a black jumpsuit, a knife and boots.

 Nightmare on Elm Street - Freddy Kruger

This classic movie character is one of the most heinous and feared killers and an all time favorite for horror costumes. Because he was conceived by brutal rape in a mental institution when his mother was trapped there, he was constantly teased about his conception. Finding only abuse and torment from everybody, including his stepfather, he finally murdered his first victim: the step father. Returning to his hometown, he was jealous of the happy families he saw there. That ignited his rage. He had a family of his own, a wife and a daughter. He made his famous bladed gloves and started killing children in the town. When his wife finds out, he kills her. He was arrested for the murder, but was let go on a technicality. The townspeople took matters into their own hands, and burned him alive. But Freddy made a deal with the devil where he could live forever in dreams and he has continued to wreak his revenge on the town’s children. This costume consists of a burned facemask, a hat, the bladed gloves and a trench coat.

 Rocky Horror Picture Show

This comedy horror picture has such a wide variety of costumes it is too long to list. The premise of this story is a couple gets lost and tires go flat, so they go to a nearby mansion. There they discover Dr. Frank N Furter, who is creating a monster. After the monster is created, there are some issues. Dr. Frank N Furter and the monster die when we find out they are from another planet.

 Friday The 13th - Jason Voorhees

Another of the classic horror movies, this one has some twists to it. Jason was born deformed and was bullied. His mother Pamela was a camp cook at the time. Jason tried to prove he could swim and drowned. The next year, the counselors and the camp was shut down. Years later, it was reopening and there were new camp counselors. They were murdered one by one until the last one, Alice, beheaded the killer who turned out to be Pamela. From there, Jason has been resurrected every time. This costume consists of a hockey mask and a knife.

Scream - Ghostface

This is the movie character that revamped it all and one of the all time favorites for horror costumes. In this series, the killer calls his victims and taunts them over the phone. He gives them clues that let the victim know that he can see them. The killer will then show up in a melting ghostface costume, which is based on the Edvard Munch painting called The Scream and black robe, and stabs his victims to death. This consists on a ghostface mask and a hooded robe.

Horror films have often been the basis for costumes. There are literally thousands of horror movies to choose from. These 5 horror movies to choose horror costumes on are just a few of the more famous ones.