What Is A Dance Anyway?

     A dance is a type of movement. You are dancing when your body is moving rhythmically in a pattern of steps, as you'll find once you peruse your dictionary to see whether I'm telling you the truth. Dance is usually, or rather almost always accompanied by music. It is to the music that ones body has a predisposition to move to the beat of the music being played. Even when you think you wont, or you're not particularly paying attention, your toes may start tapping. Its difficult to resist, though many don't wish to admit that they like to dance, perhaps because they think they don't know how. Freestyle dance however, everyone knows how to do.

How Can Dancing Be Hot?

     It depends on what kind of hot you're referring to. Dance can certainly make a person hot as its exercise just like anything else that gets your body moving more than a few taps on your keyboard, cellphone or television remote. It'll make you sweat, but its one of those exercises that can actually be fun and you can be as goofy as you want to with it. At least if you're not in a ballroom dance class! Freestyle you can really be goofy with, just be careful though and use sound judgment. There's a difference between being goofy and being dangerous.

     Dancing can also be hot in the other sense, where its a sensual sort of hot and gets the blood boiling in a different way. While not all dances are intended to be sensual, there are those that are intentional. There are also those which may not be thought of as sensual, but they still wind up having a certain allure. Perhaps not always to the dancer, but to onlookers. There's just something about the way a dancer moves their body that has audience members shifting uncomfortably in their seats.

Five Hot Dances!

1. The Argentine Tango

     The hottest of all dances has to be the Argentine tango, which has its origins in the suburbs of Buenos Aires in the mid 19th century. At least the tango we in the United Stated have come to know. The fast paced music when accompanied by dancers is like watching something one might think shouldn't be viewed by others. The bodies of the dancers get quite close and it seems as if they're making silent love to each other, but with clothes on. The expressions of the dancers paint a vivid picture. However those who tango as professional dancers have learned to mask their expression, but the passion still shines through their eyes. As well as how gracefully they move, as if they were but a single body instead of two.

     Due to the speed of the tango, its not only a hot dance, because its so sensual, but it'll certainly one sweating. However the more fit a person and the more they've practiced the tango, the less they might sweat. Still, its one hot dance to remember and not be forgotten, not that anyone would forget the Argentine tango.

2. The Flamenco

     The Flamenco dance is also a hot dance and follows closely behind the Argentine tango. It, too shares a Hispanic origin with the Argentine tango. The Spaniards and their descendants really knew how to move quickly and sensually. The music, song and dance can be traced back to Andalusia, Spain. It's most popular in its country of origin and more recently, Japan. In fact, Japan even boasts more academies for Flamenco than Spain itself, which is the dances birthland.

     Like the Argentine tango, the flamenco dance can have one breaking out into a sweat minutes into the steps. It's a beautiful dance though, for both performers and audiences. When a flamenco dancer begins, especially one whose been training for years, its difficult to take ones eyes off of them. Especially when its someone with darker skin-tones and hair, wearing a flowing skirt, usually red. Perhaps coupled with a rose or other flower that matches their cloth in their hair. Although men don't wear dresses or flowers for the dance, it's still remarkable. The colors seem to fly as the dancers begin the steps of the flamenco, at times it seems like you've only seen a blur of color!

3. The Salsa

     Salsa, as with the Argintine tango and the flamenco, is a latin dance style. “Its origins are from the Cuban Son (circa-1920's) and Afro-cuban dance.” While the flamenco can be done without a partner, the salsa is usually a partner dance.

     It's another face paced dance style, with a few different sub-styles. However there are still some basic salsa dance steps that make any salsa dance into a true salsa style. Without them, its just a different dance style but using the wrong name.

     The word salsa isn't just used for a dance, but for a spicy dip and in some of the salsa dance moves, the woman is being dipped. The costumes salsa dancers use, is one of the reasons its such a hot dance. Although its popularity too has a lot to do with why its so hot n' spicy.

4. Belly Dance

     What could be more sensual than a woman in harem pants and top? Why one that knows how to belly dance. This dance style isn't just for concubines over in the middle east, or elsewhere. No, its a dance that can be done by anyone, although typically belly dancers are of the female gender. That doesn't mean a man cannot belly dance. However the benefits of the belly dance don't work quite the same for men as it does for women. It's been said that belly dancing can aid in the strengthening of a woman before and after she's had a child. However it's a healthy exercise for anyone. The movements however, by onlookers especially when the dancer is wearing one a bedlah, every movement appears provocative and sensual. This form of dance does not have latin origins, but west Asian and middle eastern.

5. Ballet

     Some people might be shocked by this, but others might already have come to the conclusion that ballet is a hot dance style. In every elegant movement, is a sensual grace. It is far more subtle than any of the latin, hispanic or west asian dances. Ballet is all about gracefulness and emotion when the dancer is placed on set to play a part. Silent communication can be more sensual than words and leaves one wondering what more there could be to the story after the curtains are drawn.