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Prison Break

Prison Break aired on Fox from 2005-2009.

Lincoln Burrows gets sentenced to death for the murder of Vice President's brother. His brother Michael Scofield deliberately gets himself sent to Fox River Penitentiary to break him out of Prison.

The first season of Prison Break is absolutely top class. One of the best seasons ever in TV history, it only concentrated on what it was about : breaking out of prison.

Michael Scofield uses all of his ability as a structural engineer to hatch a plan to break his brother out. Everything does not go as planned though, so he has to involve some other convicts into his plan to get out.

From second season onwards, it does lose its shine a bit, but it remains very engaging. The tussle between Michael Scofield and Company remains very entertaining. Things do get a little repetitive in the 3rd season because it looked like it was just the first season with a different setting.

In fourth season, things picked up a bit and while it wasn't as good as the 1st one, it was still better than many things aired on TV.

Prison Break starred Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield, while Dominic Purcell played the role of Lincoln Burrows. They both were incredible in their roles.

Overall Prison Break had its share of ups and downs, but its intensity more than made up for it.


Dexter Morgan works in Forensics in Miami PD, but he has two jobs. One as a Blood splattering expert, and other as a serial killer. He kills those criminals who somehow have escaped the net of justice.

Dexter wears a social mask at all times, so that no one thinks he is any different from the rest of them. Except one cop, no one is suspicious of him.

He blends in with the crowd, hunts his victims(criminals who he thinks deserve his brand of justice) and after killing them collects a drop of their blood on a slide.

He treats those slides like trophies.

I am on its first season and so far Dexter has been remarkable. I am looking forward to the battle of wits between Dexter and the Ice Cream Truck killer.



Carrie Mathison is a CIA operations officer, who is on probation after carrying out an unauthorized operation. When she was in Iraq, someone tipped her off that an American Prisoner of war has turned, and is now working for a terrorist called Abu Nazir.

When the military rescues Nicholas Brody, a marine, from Afghanistan she begins to have suspicions that Brody is the one who has turned on his home country. 

When she couldn't convince anyone, she takes matters into her own hands. Ignoring protocol,  she tapes every activity of Brody without formal clearance to do so.

Homeland won many awards at last year Primetime Emmy awards, including "Outstanding Lead Actor/Actress in a Drama Series" Award for both the leads. Both Claire Danes and Damian Lewis  have certainly acted out of their skins in this.


Sherlock is a 21st century adaptation of the famous sleuth created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I don't like the Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey Jr., so I was a little skeptical about this.

But Sherlock retains the magic of the most famous detective of all time and mixes it up with the latest technology present in modern era. This Sherlock(Benedict Cumberbatch) uses an iPhone,  wears a nicotine patch  and is a little cocky!

Watson(Martin Freeman) is the voice of sanity, a young veteran who served in Afghanistan. Sherlock's detective skills impresses Watson almost instantly, and he becomes his roommate at 221B, Baker Street, London.

The battle of wits between Jim Moriarty and Sherlock is mesmerizing, which ends in an extraordinary conclusion. 

Sherlock will  return this year for the 3rd season. According to news reports, the stars of the show have already signed up for a fourth season, which is great news.

Game of Thrones

Based on the novels Songs of Ice and Fire, Game of Thrones is a show I tried to pass up on. Even when it seemed like everyone was watching it, I still didn't. But when a cricket article used a Game of Thrones reference, I knew I had to watch it.

And I don't regret that decision one bit. Game of thrones is extraordinary in every sense of the word. Its production value is huge and every episode seems to end on a cliffhanger. The show is a little graphic, both in terms of violence and nudity, but people say that the books are even more graphic than the TV Show!

It is a very absorbing series and 5 episodes in, I certainly can see why so many people love it. It is worth devoting one hour of your life to this!