5 Indispensable Principles That You Can Use To Achieve Your Goals

Only 10% who try, succeed in achieving their goals. What do they do differently?

Some researchers have found that only about 10% of people that try to achieve their goals actually do attain them. The rest that don't achieve their goals often procrastinate and even go as far as sabotaging their progress by setting mental, emotional and organisational obstacles in their own path. They do this despite knowing that achieving their goals has huge benefits or knowing that not achieving their goals has grave consequences. Some even procrastinate at the expense of their health, well-being and prosperity.

Those that achieve their goals think and do some things differently to those that fail to achieve their goals. Researchers have distilled it down to 5 indispensable principles that could increase success.

1. Break you goals into smaller, achievable steps

Goals are can appear as distant targets that can seem impossible to achieve. However, you can make it more achievable and manageable by breaking it down into smaller steps. These steps work like an action plan that consists of a guiding path to give you direction and confidence. You'll increase you chances of success if you make sure that your steps are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time based (SMART).

2. Become accountable by sharing your goals

When you share your goals with friends and family you increase the focus of responsibility to drive you to achieve your goals. Sharing also intensifies your fear of disappointing others together with arousing a sense of support.

3. Recognise your smaller achievements by rewarding yourself

Maintaining your motivation is critical to helping you achieve your goals. Consistently rewarding yourself for the smaller achievements will give you a psychological boost to take the next step and continue your progress.

4. Stay focused by reminding yourself of the benefits of your goal

The going can get tough, especially when you need to achieve a large, seemingly impossible goal. Sometimes there will be setbacks but treat these as temporary events. Learn from them and stay focused on the benefits to achieving your goal. Once you get back on track reward yourself to boost your motivation.

5. Track your progress to increase your success

Tracking your progress is essential to provide feedback so that you can determine what is working for you and what is not. Use a handwritten journal, mobile device or computer to save your thoughts, ideas and reflections. Learn from these moments so that can make adjustments to your action plan to achieve better results and continue to make progress to achieve your goals.

By using these 5 indispensable principles you can dramatically increase your chances to achieving your goals and break the trend of failure or procrastination.

Achieve your goals by doing these 5 things.

Don't do nothing.

5 indispensable principles to achieving your goals
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