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Do You Need A Makeover?

We can all get into bad beauty and fashion habits from time to time. It could be not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly enough to wearing your favorite sweater a few too many times before washing it. So sometimes it is good to stand back and reassess your overall fashion style and image. By making a few small changes you can give yourself an instant confidence boost and lift your spirits. So let’s take a look at some of the ways you could go about adjusting your beauty and fashion habits for the better, starting today!

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1. Hair

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to change your overall look instantly. In addition you can often get expert advice from your hairdresser who can match a new style to your face shape. If you are dying your hair, they can also suggest the shades and tones that would most suit your skin color. To best understand what hairstyle may suit you, you firstly need to understand what face shape you have.

Face Shapes can usually fall into seven categories which are oval, round, square, heart, pear, rectangle and diamond shapes, although there are many other face shapes in between.

One of the best ways to tell what your face shape is can be to draw around your face whilst looking in the mirror. Mark the lines lightly with a washable eyeliner pencil or old lipstick. Then stand back and you will be able to see which category from the above list that you fall into. Alternatively, and without even stepping towards the mirror, there is a great quiz you can take on ‘the beauty department website’.[1] They highlight that for a round face for example, a deep parting and curls or a very short hair cut could suit that type of face shape. It is worth exploring and discovering ideas on this website for yourself.

In terms of the color you should dye your hair, you need to take into consideration your skin tone and whether it is pale, light, medium or dark in tone. You will want to enhance your natural beauty and not take away from it, so picking more drastic colors could look harsh against your skin. Ask your hair dresser to tell you if you have a ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ toned skin complexion as generally speaking, you should aim to try and match your new hair color to this.

Remember that your hair will always grow back out again so it is not the end of the world if you take a risk and try a new style or trend out which you end up not liking. At least this way you will have learned one more thing about what you want your ideal image to become.

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2. Makeup

This is a very easy area to experiment with because it will all wash off! If you have an eye shadow palette and some of the colors are worn right down but others are untouched then why is this? Have you actually tried those other colors out before? Palettes can be a great tool because they are providing you with colors which compliment and match one another. In terms of lipstick, swatch the color on your lower arm because our hands tend to be a different shade to our faces. 

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Makeup is all about creativity, experimenting and having fun. Therefore, try out that bolder pink shade or that more daring green eyeliner because it can all be washed off afterwards and you will not know how it looks until you try it out! You can do this from the comfort of your own home or when out with friends shopping you could ask their opinions too.

When applying blusher, less is always more and do not be tempted to swipe it all over your face to add color! Concentrate on the apples of your cheeks and work backwards and upwards towards the top of your cheekbones. If you have not tried contouring your face before then it is worth looking into this interesting makeup technique[5]. Contouring could take a lot of time on a daily basis but for special occasions and events it could really help to bring out your best features.

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3. Fashion

Great fashion starts with great underwear, so one of the best places to start is to go for a bra fitting which most large department stores will be able to do for you. Again, we can easily get stuck in a fashion rut so try visiting the stores you have never been in or asking a friend to give you fashion ideas when out shopping. You may be surprised by what they pick out for you and having a second pair of eyes to help can work wonders and could lead to new discoveries. Fashion is about being creative and making the most of your shape and figure. Try not to hide away in baggy tops but find things with patterns and designs that will draw the eye in. You will find that the compliments from others will follow and this will boost your confidence no end.

Colors can make a real difference to your mood and how you carry yourself. Therefore, if you are someone who tends to shy away from those bright or neon hues, then start by branching away from black with navy items. Navy can still give you that ‘safe’ fashion feeling and from there you can progress upwards to brighter shades. Pastels can be a subtle way to inject more life into your outfits too. Have a clothes swap evening with your friends and you may be able to get some more ideas on how to change up your look.

PerfumeCredit: Penywise4. Perfume and Accessories

You probably already have a go-to fragrance that reminds you of a special event or occasion but people often stay in their comfort zones when it comes to perfumes. You may like sweet, floral scents or darker, musky tones and you can become so familiar with your usual scent that you can forget what else is out there! Spend some time trying out new fragrances when you go shopping and let them mellow on your skin. See which ones have a strong lasting power a few hours later and try brands that you have not heard of before.

Such experimentation is the only way to discover something new. You have probably forgotten how you first found your current favorite perfume but I bet part of that discovery was a little bit of experimenting and trying it out in stores first.

In terms of accessories you have to think of applying blusher; less is always more. If you have a hat and belt as well as big earrings and a clutch with sparkles, people will not know where to look. You need to have an ‘accessory focus’. This could be some statement drop earrings which match your bag, or a belt and necklace of similar hues which bring out your eyes. Try not to go overboard as you will not only lose your visual focal point and look cluttered, you will also detract from your natural beauty, not to mention your fashion and style.

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A designer or statement handbag is a must-have item for the fashion conscious woman today, as are a pair of comfy black heels. You can work accessories such as these into countless new looks. However, try out a bold shoe or bright, floral scarf and try to work it into your everyday looks as this is how you can potentially develop your creative approach to fashion. In many department stores they have fashion advisers too, so seek help from them as well as asking your family or friends for further advice on your ideas.

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5. Lifestyle

Following a healthy and balanced diet, having a regular exercise regime and getting lots of sleep will certainly help you to not only look your best, but to feel more confident within yourself too. This is one of the most important and long term parts of giving yourself a makeover, making sure you are looking after yourself from the inside as well as on the outside.

Drinking more water will improve your skin tone as well as hydrate you more effectively that those cups of tea. In addition, cutting down on sugar and eating lots of fruits and vegetables will improve your digestive health too. You can make these diet changes right now, today, and the effects could last much longer than the makeup or hair styles will. So get out there and use these tools to discover the new you with a makeover today!

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Here is a fun makeover video from Good Housekeeping which provides tips on hair, makeup and fashion ideas.