Whenever I’m traveling I always look to find interesting tourist attractions in that location.  I am sometimes surprised at the attractions offered in cities around the United States.  One of my favorite attractions is the Statue of Liberty because it stands for all that we believe as citizens and welcomes everyone entering its space a home.  But there are other attractions that are a bit stranger and that I am dying to go visit.

Babyland HospitalCredit: google imagesCredit: google images

1.     Babyland General Hospital-Do you remember the craze of the cabbage patch dolls?  Well, the hospital where these little sweeties are born is located in Cleveland, Ga.    Babyland is the home of the cabbage patch kids creator Xavier Roberts.  Diehard fans still come from all over to visit the birthplace of the chubby, smiley babies.  Their facility is 70,000 square feet and sits on 650 acres.  You might be surprised at how much it looks like a real hospital to include the clothes worn by the staff.  They are dressed like doctors and nurses to give the hospital an authentic look.  Go to the Magic Crystal Tree and watch the emergence of a new baby, you can even participate in naming the baby.  So reach back to the beginning of motherhood at Babyland General.

Jolly Green GiantCredit: google imagesCredit: google images

2.      Jolly Green Giant Statue-If you are headed towards Blue Earth, Minnesota your visit would not be complete without stopping to behold this 55 foot tall Giant.  He has been the mascot for Green Giant products since 1928.   The statue cost the town $42,000 to erect as a celebration of the connection of I-90 East and West.  Take your picture with the Jolly Green Giant and experience this attraction up close and personal.  It is open to the public and admission is free.

Superman StatueCredit: google imagesCredit: google images

3.      Superman Statue-It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s a Superman statue.   A 15 foot bronze statue of the “Man of Steel” is standing tall and looking good in Metropolis, Illinois.     One hundred thousand dollars was raised to pay for this magnificent representation of Superman.  Fans come from all over the world to celebrate at the Superman Festival in June.  The town also has a Superman Museum directly across the street.  If you love super heroes, then come and see a legend.

K DragonCredit: google imagesCredit: google images

4.      Kaskaskia Dragon-Want to feel the hot breath of a Dragon on your face then Illinois is the place to be.  See what the excitement is about as you put a dragon token in the coin insert and watch the Dragon breathe fire.  The Kaskaskia Dragon was named after the hardware store down the street responsible for constructing this 35 foot metal beast.  If you really want to see how spectacular the dragon is, come by at night when the flames are so much more exciting to look at.

Cadillac Ranch(99458)Credit: google imagesCredit: google images

5.      Cadillac Ranch-If you’re driving along Route 66 near Amarillo, Texas you may see multi-colored Cadillacs sticking out of the ground.   This place also known as the “Ant Farm”  was invented by hippies and moved to Texas from California.  Billionaire Stanley Marsh played a big part in this work of art.  His vision was to make an attraction that would make people wonder and what better way to do that than to give tribute to the evolution of Cadillac’s.  When you come be sure to bring your spray can and give it a whirl.  You can spray  paint the cadillacs and the greatest part,  it’s legal.  So go have fun and take plenty of pictures.  When you are done there will be many others stepping up to take your place and spray their stresses away as well. 

Want to see some amazing attractions; then take a tour through the United States.  You are sure to find something that gets your attention as you travel.  Try to see as much as you can and learn something you didn’t know about American culture.  Don’t forget to have lots of fun.