Weddings are memorable events not only for the couple who tied the knot, but to all the participants as well, including the maid of honor, the groom’s best man, as well as other key people. However, weddings are also events that require arduous planning and preparation.  All the things that lead up to the big day must be taken care of not only by the bride and, sometimes, the groom, but also by the maid of honor.

It is indeed a great honor to become the maid of honor. However, you must know that it comes with great responsibilities as well. Basically, when you offer or accept to be a maid of honor, you agree to share the burden the bride carries. This burden covers a lot of things related to the wedding.   Here are the 5 key things that a Maid of Honor should make sure she takes care of for the bride.

Bridal Shower
A wedding is not only about the ceremony and the reception on the big day. It also involves the party or, in simpler terms, the bridal shower.

The bridal shower is a big event before the wedding where family and friends gather to shower the bride with gifts. It can be a very memorable event, just a little less compared to the wedding itself. As a maid of honor, you will bear the responsibility of gathering the guests. You will need to contact the bride’s relatives and friends, ask for a suitable date, and think of games to hold for the bridal shower.

Bridal gown
A bride can be very picky about her wedding gown, and through the ordeal of finding the best dress, you must be there to support her. Choosing the right color for the wedding, the design that will best compliment the bride’s body type and complexion, as well as considering the jewelry the bride will be using—will all be part of the maid of honor responsibilities. Aside from the already given factors, you must also help the bride find a gown that matches her own preferences. Finding the most flattering and the most desirable dress for the bride can be a tough challenge.

Bridal shoes
Right after finding a great gown, you must then help the bride find a pair of shoes. The wedding shoes you will get must not only compliment the dress you and the bride have chosen. They also  must provide focus on the feet and the lower part of the bride’s body. You must also consider the bride’s level of tolerance when it comes to wearing heels. If the bride is not used to wearing heels for a long amount of time, then it is best to help her find beautiful low-heeled bridal shoes or even flats, if she agrees.

While the wedding is focused mainly on the ceremony, the event that comes after it is also most anticipated. The reception is not only about food. It is also about a pre-determined program that both the couple and the guests will enjoy.  As a maid of honor, it is essential for you to help the bride plan a smooth reception. This means you will go over possible caterers, bands, and all of the other details that the bride might need help with.

Your part in ensuring the success of a wedding does not stop in choosing the clothes, accessories, and even the food for the wedding event. As a second-in-command, so to speak, you will be asked to help in communicating with the guests as well. This involves confirming who will and will not attend, how many will attend, and other issues concerning the wedding participants and guests.
Being a maid of honor is almost as difficult as being the bride. Nevertheless, it can be an enjoyable and memorable experience if you are prepared. If you have chosen to become a maid of honor, then always keep this list of things in mind before accepting.