We all strive for a successful relationship, but some of us end up getting it and other don't. The funny thing is that it seems like we either get it all (a great relationship that lasts forever) or nothing (a trail of bad relationships and multiple divorces).

So what is the difference between the people who have successful relationships and those that don't?

1) Love – Often underestimated, love can make anything possible. Many relationships end up failing because their partner has stopped loving them, or the love has faded over time. In relationships, we are generally lustful at the beginning and then grow into a deep comfortable love later on, but we have to keep working to keep the flame going. People often say "well, I just don't feel that way anymore", but to love is a verb. If you feel the flame start to die, listen more, appreciate more, care more, and love more.

2) Compromise – Eventually, we are all going to come across some difficulties and the best thing to do when that happens is to fight the problem together, not fight each other. Our natural instinct is to blame someone else when a problem arises in order to protect ourselves, but this isn't the best way to handle things at all. Listen to what your partner wants, kindly tell him/her what you want and decide on a result that would benefit you both. A relationship will not be stable without compromise.

3) Communication – Often when we have a bad day at the office, we just want to come home and relax in front of the TV or curl up with a good book and block out the world for a little bit. Although space is a very important aspect of relationships, too much of this can get you into the habit of not talking to your partner. Communication is absolutely vital in order for both of you to be on the same wavelength and perform as one.

4) Trust – Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. You have to be able to trust each other completely. Trust, however, is not just something you can build up overnight. In order for there to be trust in the relationship, both partners need to show each other that they can be trusted and this process takes anywhere between a few months to a few years. Once this trust is broken it can be very difficult to get it back to the way it was before (if ever).

5) Appreciation – One of the things that happens as we spend more time with our partners is that we tend to take them for granted. It doesn't matter if you've spent one year or one hundred years with that person, you have to always appreciate what they do for you and let them know you do. Remember to say thank you.