Most of us live our lives in a constant frenzy. We work fast, we connect fast, we drive fast, we aim to get "there" as fast as possible, wherever "there" may be. We do it five times a week, some even six times a week and, when the weekend finally comes (if we don't skip it!), it almost never is an awesome weekend. Many times, our weekend  is barely enough to recharge our batteries because we just let it slide by.

Awesome Weekend

Having an awesome weekend can greatly improve your energy, both physically and mentally, and give you a generous boost in your day to day pursuit. Here is a list of five killer tips for an awesome weekend.

Plan it

Planning an awesome weekend delivers so many great feelings and transports you immediately into the weekend. You are living it already, surrounding yourself in expectation. It builds up momentum and gets you feeling vibrant. If you plan your awesome weekend, you also have the chance to work out possible pitfalls and mistakes that may happen, prevent small disasters and mishaps.

Don't try to be thorough, or it will bring more stress and that is not the goal. Don't try to schedule it, just try to think of what you will do and gather the resources you will eventually need.

Get out of your surroundings

If you go about on your zone, or wherever you already know and wherein you spend your everyday life, your awesome weekend will probably won't be that great. You are in a known area, your mind recognizes everything and it will feel like an ordinary day.

Leave your surroundings and travel. Either by foot, car, bicycle, whatever, just leave. Your eyes will be driven to details of new surroundings and the mind just loves new information. You'll feel awaken and motivated when you see new views and landscapes. An awesome weekend is all about feeling something new, and you can't really do that when you recognize your couch already.

Taste something different

An awesome weekend is all about refreshing experiences and if we eat food every single day, what can be more refreshing than tasting something different on a meal or two. On average work days, we seldom have time to appreciate food - we just take it on the run sometimes. Even if we take time to eat it, we have our minds flooding with thoughts about work, events that need to take place, places your need to be, so the food gets ingested and never to be remembered. On an awesome weekend, you have the time to appreciate food, so delight your senses with a refreshing flavor. Your body will know the difference and your brain too.

Have an unpredictable experience

As I said before, awesome weekends are spent on experiences you don't feel every day. The excitement of doing something you don't really know the outcome is probably unsurpassed. I don't mean a dangerous experience, but an unpredictable one. Something you'd like to try but never gave a shot at it. Something you feel anxious about and would like to get out of your system. Something you wouldn't normally do.

These experiences are what really shape you, the challenges that drive you, and their outcomes - not failures or victories, but the end result - are the stories we tell that make us interesting people. An awesome weekend leaves stories to tell.

Record it

 An awesome weekend needs to be recorded. You can only recollect some memories, not all of them, so it is imperative you get that all those moments on film or photograph. Share it with your family, friends and social media. Your awesome weekend will live on in greatest detail if you share it vividly with as many people as possible. It will validate you as an awesome person and will bring you joys further down the road. 

Record It