One of the latest additions of the family of candy called gummi, or gummy, is the 5 lb Gummy Bear as one of the latest in a long line of Gummy Bear items.  The candy was invented by a Germans candy company owner named Hans Riegel.  His company, Haribo, first made the of this soon to be popular candy in America in 1982. 

In 1981, the German company, Trolli, another candy manufacturer, made the Trolli gummy worms, which became the most popular of the gummy candies.  

The gummy bear ingredients, consist of corn starch, corn syrup, gelatin, sugar, color and flavor.  The Haribo candies come in orange, lemon, lime, raspberry, and pineapple. 

These candies now come in bear, worm, and many other shapes.  They have been featured on many cartoons.  They are simple enough that you can make them yourselves, as a do-it-yourself project, and many even wear them as jewelry, in both candy and clay form. 

They seem to be one of those items we all love to hate, or hate to love!

Vodka Gummy Bears Jimmy Kimmel Live

Just as Jimmy Kimmel said, there are several videos on YouTube showing how to make vodka soaked gummy bears.  I agree with him, do we really need a video? 

Just to spell it out.  Take a bowl and put your gummy bears or gummy worms in the bowl.  Cover the candy with the vodka.  Stir it around, and then let them soak at least 24 hours.  Then, enjoy!

5 Pound Gummy Bear

The 5 pound Gummy Bear is the equivalent of 1400 of the smaller normal versions, and comes in ten different flavors or combinations of flavors.  For those looking to add this to thier diet though, beware that it packs over 6000 calories.

26 Pound Gummy Bear

For those of you who are not satisfied with a 5 pound gummy bear, here is the 26 pound party Gummy Bear.  I hope you are not eating this one alone.  Topping 32,000 calories, it comes with a serving bowl in the stomach for you to serve punch, or, heaven forbid, more gummy bears.  I think this one will qualify as the world largest gummy bear!!

Worlds Biggest Gummy Worm

This large gummy worm comes in at three pounds and certainly qualifies as the biggest gummy worm.  Believe it not, people do buy these, and eat them. 

Gummy Bear Mold

So now that you have seen some very LARGE representations of this popular candy, are you ready to start wearing some?

Here is a video for making a gummy bear mold.  You can use your mold to make your own gummy bears, or to make clay gummy bears or worms for jewelry.  Gummy bear earrings, necklaces, and pendants are popular. 

One thing not mentioned in the video is that you might want to freeze the candy piece before making a mold of it.  This should enable you to get all the features of the little bear to impress into the mold.

Gummy Bears Mini GolfCredit: AmazonGummy Bear Games

Gummy Bear Games include this Nintendo DS game offered at  You can also find backpacks, buttons, and even Tarot cards with a gummy bear theme.

If you have not tried one of these iconic candies, I urge you to go out and buy a package of the little ones.  I would not suggest starting with a 5 lb gummy bear.