The science of medical lasers has made incredible strides in the medical field in the past few years. It first began with the first studies on the effects of laser light on skin cancer in 1967, motivating the medical community to take a deeper look into the possibilities of this technology. In the present day, modern medical lasers are used on everything from pain reduction, scar removal and liposuction. As the field has evolved, a number of medical laser manufacturers have emerged in this exciting new medical industry. Let's look at some of the top 5 medical laser manufacturers in the country.

Erchonia Medical
First founded in 1996, Erchonia Medical started out as a family owned business, but but has since risen to lead the laser manufacturer industry in innovative development. The company is famous for the development of the Zerona laser. The clinically proven medical laser is applied externally to emulsify adipose tissue. It is especially designed for laser liposuction and non-invasive body contouring. The Erchonia laser scanner emulsifies adipose tissue. The fat is released naturally into interstitial space through the body's natural cleansing processes without any cutting or surgery involved.

It's the Zerona laser that makes it possible to enjoy the benefits of liposuction and skip the long recovery periods associated with the procedure. In most cases, you can return to work that day if so desired. There are several laser equipment types which are used in the medical and cosmetic field that allow for a much less invasive procedure and often a faster recovery.

Solta Medical Inc.
Recently granted FDA approval on its device to clear pigmentation, Solta Medical Inc. has worked to improve the process of medical laser treatment Solta created a laser of an ideal 1927 nm wavelength, a range that's perfect for other parts of the body. Thanks to Solta's innovation, lasers have gained greater prominence in the medical community.

One of the leaders in the world laser market, this company specializes in innovative laser systems for medical and industrial applications with medical laser designs for dermatology, dentistry and surgery.

HOYA Con Bio
Specializing in dental and medical lasers, this company strives to bring improved efficiency to the science of medical lasers.

This company began designing medical lasers in 1983, so it goes back quite a long time in the medical laser industry. The company is a leading international leader in medical laser design. It features a range of Lightmed lasers that bring versatility to the medical office.