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Do-it-yourself websites are amazing. Nowadays, you can find out how to do anything from fixing your own car to make a radio antenna out of a Pringle’s can to making jewelry for yourself or others. The good thing is that DIY websites don’t just explain how to do something clearly; they usually show you the cheapest way to go about doing something. The bad thing is that they proved so popular that it became big business on the web to crank out “DIY” websites without bothering to check if any of the information was correct.

The sites that show up first on Google are more about their having great SEO and not at all concerned with whether they have great information. It’s one of the reasons Google released their Panda search change – to start checking the content before rewarding the sites with placement. To play it safe, staying with the site further back in the searches is better. Here are 5 little know DIY websites that are stellar.

This site is all about crafts, for men and with a twist. You will find clear and concise instructions on how to make origami out of a piece of steel, for instance. The site is fun, accurate and has a lot to offer.

Nelson Pass is a long time anchor of the DIY audio community. This is his personal DIY website that explains how to recreate many of his projects. You will find instructions on how to make modifications to commercial machines such as amplifiers and loudspeakers, circuit boards and create DIY pre-amps.

This is a great DIY website for people wanting to do build, renovate or expand their homes but to do it following the practices of green building. While there are tons of sites about green building, there are few DIY websites that show you the reality of what it is like to work with some of the recycled materials. You get all the hints and tips about drilling plastic woods and more.

Their name is kind of a give-away. Not only is there a very commercial site called but it also offers a lot of DIY projects as well. This DIY website stands out because it is not just about finding fun projects to do with your kids, it’s about creative parenting.

This site is slightly different from the rest but fits right in there with a little known gem. It’s a public radio and podcast broadcasting site that is solely focused on DIY craft, creative and building projects. While the audio format of some of the broadcasts may make it a bit difficult to follow for some, the presenters are very put together and clear spoken.

Using DIY Websites

We tend to only think of using DIY websites when we have a specific project we want to do. But one of the greatest assets of these sites is as a source for new ideas. Just spend some time looking through different projects and you will discover all sorts of things you want to do.

If you know what to look for and do a little digging.  You can find a site that will help you to do anything you would like to do.  Thats the greatness behind DIY, so start searching for the answer to your next big question, believe me, its out there.