5 Little Known Personal Disasters You Can Avoid with the Benefits of Healthy Eating
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Food is a nefarious beast. Frequently, the varieties that hold us and coddle us and make us feel goooood like Halle Berry a la Monster’s Ball, are also slowly twisting the knife in our backs, killing us softly.

While the benefits of healthy eating are well known, the side effects of NOT eating healthy are not. Quick, cheap and processed foods get courted all the time while healthy food gets treated like a prude. It might be the most complained about facet of a healthy lifestyle.

“Eating healthy is so expensive!”

“Eating healthy is so hard!”

You know what’s expensive? Medical bills

You know what’s hard? Paying medical bills for a condition that could have been controlled with healthier eating.

I’m not talking about becoming a vegan. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) There IS a middle ground when it comes to eating better and it ain’t that hard. Yes, I said AIN’T. Getting your mind right about healthy eating in general is muy importante however.

Disaster #1: Bankruptcy

According to CNBC, medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy in the US. 70% of all chronic diseases that require ongoing care and medication including Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, some cancers, heart disease and even some allergies are directly related to diet and lifestyle.

Disaster #2: Low or No Libido

According to Havard Medical School, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, whole grains and fish decreased the likelihood of erectile dysfunction (ED). Studies show that men and women who have poor health, including lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure are more likely to suffer from low or no libido.

Disaster #3: Terrible Skin

Poor eating wreaks havoc on your beauty regimen. It shows up as acne, uneven skin, dry skin, brittle nails and thin hair. Guesstimate how much regular trips to the dermatologist, prescription face creams and hair extensions will cost you.

Disaster #4: Saddling Children with Your Bad Habits

Junk food habits are contagious, but so are healthy eating habits.  Children are the most susceptible. Many adults who don’t have a wide palate for healthier varieties of foods started as children who weren’t exposed to them. The cycle can be broken.

Disaster #5: Becoming a Burden to Your Family

Modern medicine is extending the life expectancy further and further. That’s a long time to live with yourself in a body that can’t do what you want it to or burden someone with caring for you because you decided not to care for yourself.

Let’s get it together, shall we?

5 Little Known Personal Disasters You Can Avoid with the Benefits of Healthy Eating
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How to Start Enjoying the Benefits of Healthy Eating

Eat with the Seasons

Foods only grow naturally certain times a year for a reason. Mother Nature is a bad chick and she knows what’s she’s doing. Don’t sweat her technique, just fall in line. Fall = squash, apples, beets, broccoli, kale and spinach. If it’s on sale at the store, it’s probably in season.

Find a Veggie You Like -  Now

Have a vegetable with lunch and dinner, preferably a green one. This is not hard or expensive.  There are so many green veggies and salads to choose from. Pick one. Eat it. Everyday.

Stop Eating Fried Food More Than Once a Week

You’re an adult. You can do better. Let fried food be the exception and not the rule. In order to do that, you need to switch from cheap, filling, junk to cheap, filling goodness. (Yes, it exists.)  Make a sandwich at home still of grabbing a burger for lunch.  

Eat Less Meat

...and decrease your grocery bill. A 3oz hamburger is the size of your palm. That’s all you need. Use Google images and check out the size of that burger. Go ahead. I’ll wait.
Yep. Kid sized. That really is all you need.

Make Friends with Water

Of course it has no taste – it’s water! Doctor it up with some fruit slices or simply get over it. Drink at least 50 ounces every day.

You can do it!

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