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Valentines Day, it's the lover's holiday filled with x's and o's. It is that time again to find a special way to show the one you love what is truly in your heart. How can you make this day special? You can't reinvent the wheel. If you want to do something totally different, but you're at a loss for ideas, then check out some of these Valentine's Day ideas to spark your imagination.

1. Rent a room for the evening at a 5 star hotel. Put a wrapped up box in his lunch with the key card, hotel name and address, room number, and when to meet you there. Be waiting for him with candlelight, soft music, wine, and something enticing on when he arrives. Make sure that there is room service that can provide you with a delectable meal. Don't forget about the strawberries and whipped cream. Place a do not disturb sign on the door, and plan for a night of pure bliss. This works really well if you have been living together for a while. It changes up the atmosphere.

2. A wee bit more expensive idea is a romantic spa day for two. Here you both can be pampered and spoiled for the day. Luxurious spa experiences can provide relaxation and inspire intimacy. Upper end spas also can maintain high levels of privacy for the two of you.

3. A hot air balloon ride for two is a perfect gift and a unique idea. You two can enjoy breathtaking views over mountains or rivers. Rides usually run around 200.00 per person, so keep in mind that this is on the pricey side. If you are thinking about popping the question, then this is the perfect way to do it.

4. A picnic in the park with a surprise skywriting aerial message that says I love you. What a way to say I love you with a punch. Personal messaging cost from $1,000 up to $5,000, however, aerial banner messaging is much cheaper, however, you will have to call to get a quote. This is one way to say I love you in front of the whole world. Okay, maybe in front of just the town.

5. I saved the best for last. How about a trip to a far away romantic country? A getaway to Paris, Milan, Italy, or Switzerland can say I love you like nothing else can. An exotic trip to a romantic destination can rekindle sparks from the past. It can also ignite passions time has forgotten.

Valentine's Day ideas can be inspired by the depth of the relationship. It is a day that can be simple, or one that involves tremendous detail. Whatever idea that you have been brainstorming over will be perfect as long as your heart is into it. Being together for the day, and it being about the two of you, is all that really counts anyway.