Diagram of pilosebaceous unitsCredit: Wikimedia CommonsCauses of acne in teens are often the same things that cause adult blemishes and pimples as well. Many of the situations or reasons for acne can be beyond our control - however, though you may not be able to control the situation that can trigger adult and teen acne there are steps that can be taken to reduce the zits and blemishes and their severity (in many cases). 

Types of Acne

Some of the most common types of acne in teens and adults are: Acne Vulgaris, which is the most common and can range in severity from mild (white heads), moderately severe (cysts) to extremely severe (acne congloblata); Acne Rosacea, this form of acne can also be seen in different levels of severity from mild rosacea which appears in almost rash-like patches to more severe types such as Rosacea Fulminans, which causes painful and inflamed pustules or nodules. 


Causes of Acne in Teens and Adults


Hormones brought about by puberty, pregnancy, illness, and many other causes are one of the primary causes of acne in teens and some adults. Hormones are a very natural part of the growing up process and with such major changes taking place within ones body it is not hard to see how this can be a major cause of acne in teens and adults. 



Bacteria can cause blemishes and unsightly black heads. Bacteria can be spread from touching the face with hands or other items, damage to the skin and many other ways. One of the most acne causing bacteria's possibly, is a bacteria found naturally on the skin, Propionibacterium[606]. This bacteria under the right circumstances can trigger a process in the body that leads to inflammatory type acnes: red bumps, pustules.



Teen with AcneCredit: Diariodaj - Wikimedia CommonsIrritation from over or abrasive cleaning can be a prime cause of acne in teens and adults. The irritation causes the body to produce more oil which in turn can bring on an outbreak of pimples. It may seem logical that cleaning the face would be a great way to prevent acne and it is -- in moderation and when done properly. For best results a mild cleanser and clean non-abrasive cloth (if necessary)  should be used up to once a day to remove build up .  Your skin will often tell you by how it feels  when it needs to be cleansed. If you must wash your face more often try using just water and look into a good skin moisturizer --  which can be found for all skin types (oily, dry, sensitive...).



Some medications can cause acne as a side effect. So be sure to read the insert or talk to your doctor about your medication and outbreaks. Some common types of medications that are known causes of teen acne and adult acne are: hormonal drugs, anti-depressant or mood stabilizing medications and barbiturates. There is no guarantee if you take these that you will have an outbreak of zits or pimples but if you do the chances are when you are no longer required to take the medication the skin problem will clear up on its own. You can also talk to your doctor about alternatives that have a lower risk of acne as a side effect. 



Acne Treatment System for Sensitive SkinRemember what you put on your face does matter. A lot of products contain ingredients that can easily clog pores or can cause irritation leading to acne in teens and adults. Acne begins with the pilosebaceous unit which are found over large areas of the body -- predominantly the face, neck, back and chest -- are often referred to as pores which is partly correct. When these become clogged by naturally occurring sebum or unnaturally occurring things such as makeup, soap residues, dirt or debris the results can commonly turn into: white heads, blackheads, pustules, red bumps and other acne related conditions. 


Popular Products for Adult and Teen Acne 

Some of the most popular products available today without a doctors prescriptions are:  ProActiv Acne treatment system, which claims to be America's #1 choice and works for nearly all skin and acne types. Clear Skin Max is another multi-step acne treatment that gets pretty rave reviews. Multi-step and single step acne treatments are not your only options however, some other popular blemish products include face soaps that contain sulfur and many facial masks (homemade or store bought) that have natural antibacterial ingredients (such as honey).  Make sure to do your own research though as these treatment products do not work for everyone and some may experience different results using the same products -- even if they suffer from the same condition and similar skin-types. 


Be sure to talk to your dermatologist if you currently suffer from teen acne or adult acne to see if the cause or causes can be identified. That will give you a better chance of clearing up your skin problems and preventing any long term issues such as acne scars which can be difficult if not impossible to get rid of. You will also want to discuss the different treatment options, with your skin doctor,  that may be available. Not every treatment, cleanser or prevention system is right for every type of acne or individual. So, if you do not understand what the underlying cause of your skin problems are or your condition has become painful or is affecting your day to day life in any way it is beneficial to take the steps to find out exactly what the causes are.