If you want to create a beautiful eye look you'll need to learn about mascara. Mascara acts as the icing on the cake. If you're a mascara-phobe you'll want to learn some mascara tips.

1. Never pump the mascara wand! There are many people who pump the wand for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they think it will coat the wand with more mascara? Perhaps they think it is fun?

Regardless of the reason you might want to, make sure that you don't. This can create air bubbles that will create clumps in your eyelashes.

2. Consider the mascara that is truly right for you. There are many different options each promising you the best lashes you've ever had. The truth is that many of them are the same. It is also true that there are different mascaras and different mascara wands that are different.

If you want extra long lashes then you'll need to choose mascara that offers that formula. If you want thicker lashes you'll need to choose a different one.

3. Another one of the best mascara tips is to buy more than one color. You can have a lighter color for the daytime because you want your makeup to look subtler.

At nighttime you can have a darker, more dramatic color. Of course, they also sell green, violet, and many other mascara colors. Consider the look you're going for or will want in your future. A stash of different mascara is a great idea because then you'll be prepared for any event.

4. When you're applying the mascara, always start from the root of your lashes. That might seem like the simplest of mascara tips but there are many people who have never applied it before.

Wiggle the brush a little as you slide it down along your lashes. Then, you'll position the mascara wand to work upwards on your lashes. A quick double coat will add to the beauty!

5. Never wait to apply a second or third coat. If the mascara dries before you've had a chance then you need to wash it off or just leave it alone. Applying multiple layers can be beautiful when you go about it the right way.

When you do not it will lead to unsightly clumps. Learning all about mascara tips is a great way to build up your makeup knowledge. Mascara can create a look that is very beautiful. Consider using these tips today to create a great eye makeup look as soon as possible.