5 Minute Facts About Armenia

Armenian FlagCredit: GoogleWhere is Armenia?

The Republic of Armenia is a landlocked country, at the edge of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It's sandwiched between Iran and Russia, and shares a border with Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey and Georgia.

The route of the famous Silk Road crosses through Armenia which during the 1st century AD gave a big boost to Armenia, as traders passed through from East to West and Vice versa bringing wealth and prosperity. Recently Armenia has recovered after the fall of the Soviet Union and being hit by the Global Financial Crisis.

Because of this, Armenians are found all around the world as they have migrated to many continents. North and South America, Australia, and Europe.

Armenia is a mountainous and small country which has 11 provinces, and has over 3 million people.


Fast Facts on Armenia

  • The Armenian Dram is the official currency of Armenia.
  • Armenia became an independent country on the fall of the Soviet Union in 1992.
  • The capital of Armenia is Yerevan, which is known for being one of the world's oldest  cities. It has been the capital of the country since 1918 and it's population is about 1.2 million people.
  • Armenia gets its name from the Old Persian word Armenia. It is also known as Hayk in Armenian.
  • Armenia has mineral deposits but they have not been developed, and is dependent on Russia for some of its energy.
  • The largest lake in Armenia is Lake Sevan, it is in the highlands of Armenia.
  • The country code for Armenia is .am and the phone code is +374

The Map Of Armenia

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Armenia's claim to fame

Armenia is proud on becoming the first country to have Christianity as its religion, which is back to AD 301.

Armenians are Apostolic which is a little different from the other denominations of western Christianity which are typically Catholic, Baptist, Anglican or Methodist.

Armenians also love their food. Their cuisine is generally warm food because it gets quite cold in Armenia. Soups, bread and meat are popular, with plenty of local herbs. The food's inspired by local produce grown in Armenia and by its border countries. 

Armenian restaurants are becoming popular around in western cities around the world and you can find one or two restaurants in a larger cities because of Armenia's high expat populations around the world.

Armenia is known the world-over for its apricots, considered to taste better than anywhere else in the world

The other claim to fame of Armenia is beautiful landscapes. There are many snow-capped mountains, old buildings and fresh lakes and rivers in Armenia, which mean there are no shortage of postcard shots to send home.



Armenians favourite sport is Soccer which they have participated in the European cup, and have a domestic league which involves 8 teams, although the national team has never made it to the World Cup Finals. Being a mountainous country they compete in both winter and summer games, and have done so since 1994. 


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