I started making money online in 2005. It's been nearly 7 years and in that time I have learned a lot, most of it from making a lot of mistakes. In the time I have been working on making a living from home I have tried a whole lot including selling used items on ebay, creating a disaster of an everything I want to write about website, and even programs that paid me to click on ads or to post forum posts. In all that time I have definitely made more mistakes then I could list in these pages, but of all of them these are the top 10 mistakes I have made while trying to make money online.  

Trying Things That Sound Too Good To Be True

There are a lot of things that really are too good to be true. I spent a year trying a lot of these things out. I wrote posts on pay per forums that give you a tiny amount of money for each post you put up. I tried pay per click programs where you click on ads for one cent a piece, many of these didn't pay me once I reached the payout. These types of things sounded great. They were easy. People were even saying you could make enough money to pay all your bills. I don't know where those people lived, but it definitely wasn't ever going to be enough to be worth it.

Lesson Learned: If it sounds too good to be true do your research. Your time is valuable so you shouldn't just try it and hope it work out. Often it is easy to turn to this option because you are desperate and you think you have nothing to loose, but losing your time isn't worth it. Research an idea and if it looks good then try it. Until then, choose something that others are showing how it works. You also want to choose something that you can learn to do without spending a lot of money on products, ebooks, and info courses that may or may not get you where you want to go or every make your money back.

Focusing One One Site at a Time

In the beginning I focused on one site at a time. I spent hours and hours creating a profile of thousands of articles on a single site. That site didn't make near as much money as the sites I now write for, but it turned out worse than that. The site changed their rules, got to keep my articles, and I was left with nothing. Of course, my history gets worse than that because I actually have three sites that have done similar things that I no longer get revenue from and only one of those sites bought the articles that they kept.

Lesson Learned: By choosing to work with many different sites at one time it can get hard to work on everything, to keep track of what you are doing, and not to get overwhelmed. However, it also lowers your risk because if one doesn't work, changes their policies, or you wake up one day and it isn't there anymore you won't be completely lost. This also is true when you have your own websites because not all of your websites will do fantastic.  

Focusing On Too Many Sites at One Time

To correct the first problem I started really working hard on a lot of different sites. It was really disappointing because I took on too much and everything was overwhelming because there was (or is) a million things to do and only so many hours in the day. It's easy to go from one site to a million and one and then having too much to do.

Lesson Learned: It's really about a balance. You have to have more than one place to make money, but you don't want to do it in a way that becomes overwhelming. It is really easy to get overwhelmed and you don't want to do that. It's best to work on two or three projects at a time. Get them far enough along that you can move on to something else for awhile and come back to it again later.  

Not Owning Anything

When I first found out about revenue sharing sites I loved the idea. It isn't that the love has dissolved, but having three sites pulled out from under me in the last seven years has really emphasized that owning something of my own was really important.

Lesson Learned: It really does take more work to own something of your own and you have a lot more worries. You can't write about anything you want because themes is the best option. I would never recommend getting rid of revenue sharing sites, but it is a good idea to combine stuff that you own with stuff that is easy to write and publish articles on.

Following the Flow of the Crowd

This is one of those mistakes that you will have to decide for yourself. I spent months backlinking my articles and I did see some results. The only reason I did this was because everyone else said it was what I should do. Most people still believe it is the best thing you can do to get your articles rated up there nice and high. However, I just don't feel it is the way to go because Google hates it, Google is trying to make it so that these artificial links don't mean anything, and because even if you are using revenue sharing sites to do your backlinking isn't likely that these articles are as high of quality as you usually produce. At least they weren't for me.

Lesson Learned: You may still feel that backlinking is good for your goals. However, the lesson you should take from this is that you don't have to do something because someone else is doing it or you don't have to do what I do because I am the one that is doing it. Instead, experiment with different things, go with your gut, and choose what's best for you.  

Always be true to your heart!

Some people do a great job at getting it right nearly out of the starting gate. Some people take a lot of learning along the way. I am a slow learner, but I hope that means I have it down right and will be changing my life in a very dramatic way. If you are hoping to learn more about things you shouldn't do then check out the next article in the series, Top 5 Mistakes I Have Made While Trying to Make Money Online

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