In the first 5 keys to a successful relationship, we talked about love, compromise, communication, trust and appreciation. But we all know that relationships are complicated and we can't possibly describe how to be in a successful relationship with only 5 points. This is why I've made another article illustrating a more in depth look at relationships.

Here are 5 more keys to a successful relationship:

1) Respect – It is so imperative that the couple respects each other individually and respects each other as part of a relationship. You have to show your partner that you respect the things which make him or her unique. You don't have to particularly like or agree with what he or she decides to do, but you have to give your partner the respect to go do it. This has another angle to it as well; you have to respect what you have together as a couple. For example, don't undermine what your partner is trying to do for you, whether he or she is trying to surprise you, give you a compliment or something else. Respect the fact that you are in a relationship and as such, you are responsible for someone else's feelings, not only yours.

2) Honesty – A popular quote is "Honesty is the best policy," and this is indeed very true. As a couple, you have to be honest with each other in order to make anything work. This doesn't mean however, that you should brutally mean just because you are saying what is on your mind. Find that line where you are being honest, but are also considerate of the other person's feelings. There's nothing wrong a few little white lies though!

3) Your partner has to be a priority in your life – no relationship can last if you are constantly putting work, kids, school, or anything else ahead of your partner. Life can be busy sometimes but we always have to remember that we're in it together and we have to act that way. Take some time out of your busy schedule and go out for a romantic evening; just the two of you.

4) Embrace the Differences – You and your partner are two completely different individuals. You've had different childhoods, different parents, different families, different lifestyles and different things which make you two unique. It's time to stop pointing out your partner's "flaws" and start embracing what makes him different and how you two can work together.

5) Absence makes the heart grow fonder – I believe this last one if very true. It's important to remember to give yourself some "me" time away from each other. This doesn't mean breaking up or even taking a break; it just means that you don't have to do everything together. Take a night out with the girls once in a while; don't forget to spend some quality time with your family. Your partner will love you all the more.