Lake Tahoe is a four-season vacation spot and it’s a place where the heart can find comfort no matter its condition the minute it steps into Tahoe. Many lovers come here to fall in love or fall in love again. Many singles come here to find love or run away from love. The water, the mountains, the sky, and the snow come together to create what seems to be the sweetest journey towards falling in love, recovering from love and being loved.

We all know about the skiing, the shopping, the spa, the party and the food but those aren’t the only things that lovers, friends and families can do. Here are five more.

1.     A Cruise

You can take a 2-hour sightseeing cruise to relax and just take in the beauty of Sierra Nevada Mountains, Emerald Bay, charming Fannette Island and Vikingsholm Castle. The only stress anyone will experience in this trip is the endless photo-taking sessions to try and capture each corner and each moment. The trip is also fully narrated so you will also have some taste of the sweet past of Tahoe that lead to the creation of this beautiful island. Ask the M.S. Dixie II for this tour.

2.     Ski at the Crack of Dawn

Yes, you can ski at the crack of dawn with a Fast Track Pass at the Northstar and even have mountain photographers to seize your moment.  You can also try the Polaris Park for some sinful adventures. You can ride the halfpipe. Try out twin-tip skis. Snowshoe. Tube. For some group or family activities, you can do some recreational racing, cross country runs, snowshoeing, or biking on the mountain bike park. By night time, you can set up a bonfire and enjoy some food and drinks under the evening sky.

3.     Fish, Swim, Hike, Bike

The snow isn’t the only thing that can be enjoyed. There is no other activity that can truly strengthen, test or develop a friendship, love or any relationship than mountain climbing. You can climb to Lovers Leap Campground. The place offers all the camping freedom you wish every camp site has so pass the booze, strum those guitar and sing your hour heart out because this is your spot.

You can also go fishing and swimming at the Placerville Ranger District, Silver Fork and Brown trout or hike the Pony Express National Historic Trail.

4.     Lake Tahoe Balloons

We have been so blissfully proud of the magic that nature bestowed on Northern California but no matter how fast you run, how hard you hike, how fast you go down the slopes the only way you will be able to fathom the beauty is by seeing the whole magnificence of the area. So why not try the gondola of a hot air balloon. The trip begins at dawn that will allow you to see how the orange sky reflects through the glassy snow and water.

5.     Dog Sled Tours

Horses can give you the ride of your lives but wait until you feel the smoothness, jolliness and energy of a team of trained dogs. Feel the blizzard of the snow through your sled and you can even get a training on proper mushing of your own sled. This adventure is only available during winter.

Remember that no Tahoe trip is complete without skiing but these five things will make it more special. So go ahead and start planning the most romantic vacation you and your love one will ever have. 


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Panoramic view of Lover's Leap in Lake Tahoe
Credit: M. Morley through