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In my first article on tips for planning a Disney World vacation, I offered ten ways to have a great time while visiting one of the most magical places on earth. A Disney World vacation requires a lot of planning if you want to be sure that you do not miss a thing while you are there. By being prepared on your vacation, you can make the most of your time in one of the greatest vacation spots for families.

Here are five more tips for planning a memorable Disney World vacation.

Tip #1 for Planning a Disney World Vacation

Get the Disney App

There are many free and ninety-nine cent Disney apps that you can download to your iPhone. One of the best one is The Disney World App, which tells you the wait time for lines on rides and at restaurants. In addition, you will be able to find out which rides are closed on that day.

Tip #2 for Planning a Disney World Vacation

Don’t wait on line to get character autographs and photos

One of the fun things children like to do while they are at any Disney World park is to get a character autograph and then have their picture taken with them. One problem with this scenario is that it wastes a lot of park time. With popular characters, you can wait in line over twenty minutes just for a photo.

In order to save your Disney World vacation from waiting in line for pictures, you can visit the characters at different places in the park. For example, in The Magic Kingdom, when you walk in at Main Street, USA, there is a building where you wait inside to meet Mickey and Minnie. On the other side of the rope, you can meet three Disney princesses. One short air conditioned wait, five character photos.

While you are planning your Walt Disney World vacation and making reservations for meals, make sure to include at least one character dining experience. At The Magic Kingdom’s Crystal Palace, you can eat a buffet meal and meet Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet. This is a wonderful eat and greet!

Each theme park has it’s won character dining experiences. Make sure to book early so you are guaranteed pictures and autographs for your children.

Tip #3 for Planning a Disney World Vacation

Discuss your plans before leaving on vacation

If you are like me, you travel to Disney with other members of your family. It is best to discuss your vacation expectations and plan ahead to avoid uncomfortable arguments or staying in one spot and trying to decide what to do next.

People like to vacation differently. If you want to stay until the park closes and your other family members want to leave by dinner time, discuss this in advance and plan your day accordingly.

Tip #4 for Planning a Disney World Vacation

Break into groups

There are two kinds of theme park riders-those who loves thrills and those who do not. In order to make everyone happy, you may want to consider breaking into groups for part of your day when you plan your Disney World vacation. For example, while my husband, my brother and my twins went on the Speedway together, my teenage daughter and I relaxed on the People Mover ride.

Tip #5 for Planning a Disney World Vacation

Pack snacks in your backpack

Packing a snack that does not melt in your backpack staves of hunger while you are between meals. All of the walking and waiting gets a body hungry! Pack granola bars, raisins, grapes, apples-anything that is not crumbly or has a tendency to melt.

These five extra tips for planning your Disney World vacation will help you make your vacation there more relaxed and memorable.