5 More Ways to Find Blog Post Ideas
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Despite what you read, it can seem next to impossible to consistenting come up with ways to find blog post ideas. Whether or not you're having trouble finding your passion and writing about it, or overcoming a fear of failure, something is keeping you from coming up with engaging blog post ideas and it's hurting your writing.

Well, if you find yourself in this situation, don't stress. Read through the following list to help get the creative juices flowing, and you'll become unstuck in no time. Also, if you haven't read it yet, I've posted another list to help you find blog post ideas here.

Where to Find Ideas


1. Try journaling or free writing.

It would be nice if there were some magical free idea button on your keyboard but, 5 More Ways to Find Blog Post Ideas_02Credit: Creative Commonsunfortunately, the technology just isn't there, yet. Well, the next best thing is journaling or free writing. Not only is this a great exercise for clearing the mind, it also helps you focus on topics that truly matter to you. While the mind can powerful it can also sometimes be scattered and nonsensical. Free writing or keeping a journal allows you to take a time-out and review where your mind is wandering and why.


2. What blogs and websites do you have bookmarked?

This is a very simple tip and requires very little time to research. Simply open your browser and review your bookmark list. This can contain a wealth of information, especially if you surf the web often. (If you don't regularly use bookmarking as a feature of your browser, you should consider starting to help generate more ideas in the future).

3. What do the conversations with your friends usually revolve around?

Another great place to look for blog post ideas is by monitoring where your conversation goes with your friends. Chances are if you're discussing it with your best friends, it's pretty important. Also, if you want a little outside help and share similar interests with your friends, consider asking them what you should blog about or what they would like to read as a blog post. Remember, two heads are always better than one.

4. What magazines do you reach for in the checkout line?

While this might seem like outright procrastination, it's also a great tip because it allows you to venture out of your comfort zone. Maybe you have magazine interests that you'd consider a "guilty pleasure". Well, before outright dismissing your proclivities toward the latest celeb gossip, ask yourself why you're drawn to those particular magazines or headlines. At the very least, you'll understand yourself a little better.

5. What electives did you take in college?

What interests did you maintain during college? What electives could you not wait to sign up for? If you had a particular interest in college, I'm sure you didn't hide from it. Go back over some of your favorite classes, there's bound to be a wealth of information there waiting to be shared.

Bonus Tip # 6: What classes did you perform best in during high school or college?

Not only is it good to revolve your blog topics around your interests, but you should also be on the lookout for subjects or areas of interest in which you excelled. While content is the main focus in the blogosphere, it goes hand in hand with quality. You don't want to write blog posts with not substance, so you might as well look to subject in which you're considered somewhat of an expert, right? Besides, if you did well in a particular focus, chances are you enjoyed it quite a bit.
Hope this list helps get the ideas percolating. Happy blogging! Now go write something awesome. 
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