Pillsbury Doughboy
Credit: The Baking Master

All you have to do is poke him with your finger and he'll give you the most adorable little "hmm hmmm!" reaction he's become so famous for.

This ball of dough was actually a character created by a freelance artist who decided to sell rights to the Pillsbury company. This character's "real" name is "Poppin' Fresh" and the company (thank goodness) changed his stage name to something that better suited their marketing efforts.

His squeeky voice and found physique can be seen on pretty much every commercial created by the company. He's aware that sharing is caring and is usually seen handing someone a nice juicy cinnamon roll or a cookie with yummy warm chocolate chips.

Fun Doughboy Facts

There was a story that was created to accompany "Poppin' Fresh". Apparently, this "boy" loves to rap and it's the only kind of music he ever performed. He's originally from Minneapolis, MN and 20 years ago he had a wife named Poppie Fresh and two children named Popper and Bun Bun.

The Michelin Man

Tire Expert

Michelin Man

Anyone who's looking for a set of Michelin tires will be greeted by this mighty tire expert. Even though he looks soft and cuddly, he was actually designed by the two creators of the company and the sight that sparked the inspiration was a pile of tires.

This makes sense. Afterall, it is a tire company. Some consider him creepy, but that's probably only because they're not sure what he is. If you think about it, he kinda looks like a big slug or a juicy white worm. That is a scary thought!

Fun Michelin Man Trivia

His name is actually Bibendum and he has a dog named Bubble. Bubble is also known as Bibelosis and became popular because the Michelin Man usually brings him along when he has events to go to.

Bibendum loves to dance and can be seen in some commercials doing just that. Not bad for a white guy.

Bimbo Bear

The Bread Baker

Bimbo Bear

This bear was created by someone who decided to draw a bear on a Christmas card. Since then, the Bimbo bear has become a baker of nutritional breads and is particularly loved in Mexico. He's moved to the United States and is said to be "As white as flour and as soft as bread".

He never goes anywhere without his chef's hat and he favors his infamous white apron, but he occasionally wears jeans, a red t-shirt and his favorite pair of sneakers when he's getting ready to market his bread that provides ingredients that offer consumers energy for a more active lifestyle

Zoloft Bubble

Mr. Sensitive

Zoloft Bubble

He's a thought bubble that's having a hard time having positive thoughts. Something always manages to rain on his parade.

You'll see him dragging along in an open field which the company does on purpose to show there is a wide range of opportunities in life. After going to his doctor and using the popular antidepressant medication, you'll find the bubble bouncing joyfully along and enjoying life.

He's tiny eyes and the line that makes his mouth is just part of what makes him so cute. The other factor that makes him cute is the little cow lick that makes him look like he has hair.


The K-9 Advantix Puppy


Often seen singing about the importance of killing the fleas that munch on puppies and dogs and giving speeches to her fellow canines.

This puppy is fed up with the health risks caused by fleas and ticks and was brought into the picture because of how motivational her messages are for pet owners around the globe. There's nothing cuter than a puppy bringing a message to households in order to save the health of man's best friend.